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L.E.W.D. Update – “This Site Is Still A Thing?”

It’s been an incredibly long time since anything has been updated to this website … an incredibly … long … time …

And there are reasons for that, some of which we’ve already talked about in a previous post and others that mostly mirror the sad state of sports entertainment and professional wrestling at the moment. The post you are presently reading will focus more so on the latter of those reasons than the former.

Regardless of how we as individuals may personally feel about wrasslin’ right now, the truth to it all is that the profession we respect and support is at a low. While some analysts and insiders weigh-in with their pro wrestling palavering on a seemingly hourly basis, we still suffer from the disease of comparing today’s product with never before and never since seen explosion that came with the Attitude Era. Even with those unfair comparisons, however, is the reality that … well … pro wrestling is just blaaaaaahhhh right now.

Take Vince McMahon’s World Wrestling Entertainment as an example; due to (perhaps) a lack of vision and foresight, an absence of a fresh and energized squad of writers with their finger on the pulse of what moves and motivates today’s audiences, and a dearth performers who are willing to push the envelope and risk their jobs for the sake of getting us fans to reach deeper into our pockets and completely invest in their characters, the product produced by the leader in the biz-i-ness is just flat-out boring and uninspired. To say it differently, as I commented to my L.E.W.D. brethren about a week ago, …


We’ve played the blame game with the WWE for so many years now that it’s almost a fool’s errand at this point to even entertain a conversation about the state of the product beyond screaming out in frustration, “Oh brother, this stuff stinks!”

There are so many reasons to complain, whine and moan about the WWE product we’re slavishly devoted to, and we’ll do that here in another post to increase visits to our site. Hey … at least we’re honest about it.

Next up on the plate is Dixie Carter’s IMPACT Wrestling product under the Total Non-stop Action Wrestling Entertainment umbrella …

… geez … where to begin …

In the spirit of fairness, TNA’s biggest and most persistent problem has to deal with management and the evidence of their work (or lack thereof). The product is what it is and the athletes are what they are given the circumstances the entire brand currently faces. Those circumstances, which always seem to be shrouded in secrecy and deniability, are a part and parcel of the largest, stinkiest and most disgustingly obnoxious albatross that hangs around their neck like a bedazzled Jesus piece, limiting the growth and potential this company once embodied for the sake of surviving rather than thriving. At one point people would fight you in the middle of the street if you dared to deny that TNA was indeed valued and valid competition in the world of pro wrestling. Nowadays it seems like folks are just content with saying, “Screw it, it’s wrestling.”

To that extent, it’s honestly difficult to pay attention to the product long enough to give a hoot when your focus is consistently drawn to all of the mess going on outside of their six-sided ring. Again, we’ll save those rants for later posts; what’s important to take away from this particular post is that ever since 2002, the most exciting thing about TNA has been the back and forth bantering on whether or not they’ll actually be in existence by the end of the year. Note: that’s not something to be proud of. It’s one thing to champion the fact that you’ve proved people wrong for 13 years, but if you had to keep doing so after the first few times … we’re just sayin’.

We know, we know, Just let it all out and you’ll feel better soon.

Then there’s Joe Koff and David Smith’s Ring Of Honor Wrestling Entertainment, a promotion that excels at what it does and appeals to the a certain type of die-hard wrestling fan. There are two things affecting this promotion: WWE’s talent raid and their limited  reach as far as fandom is concerned. ROH has been rolling strong for as long as (and perhaps even longer than) TNA, and their appeal as pure pro wrestling fan’s oasis in the massive desert of sports entertainment makes them valued among a small contingent of fiercely loyal followers. Their reach outside of that contingent has grown slowly, large enough for the larger promotions (NJPW, WWE) to scoop up well-known and established talent, making it opportune for rising stars to step up to the plate and solidify their place in the pantheon of greats while at the same time being a revolving door for up-and-comers wanting to make it to the big leagues.

The product pushed by ROH isn’t bad, but again as we’re saying, it’s not something that makes you want to jump up and run tell the neighbors about it. It just is what it is.

And that’s where we’ve been as a site since the last post published here in July; our fandom has been zapped and the zest to write – be it a positive post or negative tirade – has just not been there. We still watch, we still comment occasionally, but to spend more than a moment pouring over the product like we did so many years ago … meh. Sure you have smaller organizations and new pro wrestling projects popping up all over the place, but if the big three giants suffer under the weight of the times and their own mediocrity, the smaller companies cannot and will not fair any better.

So what’s to be done? What’s the challenge for us here and for any other fan that feels as if the sign of the times serves as the herald of pro wrestling Armageddon? Who knows … maybe there isn’t a clear cut, one-size-fits-all answer. It’s life and stuff happens.

What is clear is that with each passing moment, life goes on and continues. We can only take joy and solace in experiencing each second to the fullest. Regarding our conversation here, we can only truly enjoy the wrestling as it comes with each and every moment. As fun as it is to pick apart a company, to analyze each and every creative decision and scrutinize what a performer is doing, isn’t doing or has been told to do to their benefit/detriment, we can only do so with what we’re provided with when we’re provided with it. When what we’re provided with is blaaaaaahhhh, then we’re left with stretching ourselves to be able to comment on what we perceive to be mediocre and boring without making our own work seem as blaaaaaahhhh as what we’re talking about.

And that, my friends, is the difficult part of it all. Happy hunting, and here’s to more wrasslin’ writing from your good friends at L.E.W.D.

A Personal Opinion on the Hulk Hogan Incident

Tell me he just didn't say that ...?
Tell me he just didn’t say that …?

Once every year a debate among wrestling fans takes place, and for a few months the internet remains abuzz until the conversation’s new car smell wears off and we all move on to something completely different.

On Friday, July 24, 2015, the release of Hulk Hogan from his WWE contract reignited that yearly debate.

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Things Aren’t Always What They S’E’em!


Photo © 2015 WWE, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Photo © 2015 WWE, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Anyone that has known me over the last decade that has asked what is my issue with the McMahon’$ and the ‘E,’ my reply will be something along the lines of, “they are all about making moments instead of just letting them happen!” Continue reading Things Aren’t Always What They S’E’em!

L.E.W.Dicrous Palaver (formerly the Second L.E.W.D. Council Live Meeting)–3/21/15

Three weeks.  We’ve been at it for three weeks now and we’re showing no signs of stopping.  On 3/21/15 myself and the incomparable Mr. Gammon spoke on the Road to Wrestlemania, TNA, my failed attempts at a-courtin’ Sasha Banks (an ongoing process, I assure you) and the latest exploits of John Morrison.  Give it a view!

Adrian, stop calling us.  We’re ignoring you.

Second Second L.E.W.D. Council Live Broadcast

Welcome one and all to the second Second L.E.W.D. Council Live Broadcast!  On Pi Day 2015, at approximately 9:00 PM EST Mr. Morris and I went on for an hour and some change about the WWE, TNA and a few things that may or may not be related.  Halle Berry is not related, I admit, but since when do you need a reason to talk about Halle Berry? 

Never, that’s when!  Enjoy the show!

Leave your comments here or on the Youtube page.  We still love you all, all of you fans, all of you supporters, with all our hearts.

Outside of you, Adrian.

We still hate you.


WrestleMania 31 Polls

WrestleMania 31 Logo


With WrestleMania 31 only a few weeks away, I figured it would be about time to see what results people are believing are going to come of “The Granddaddy of Them ALL!”

Please vote on who you think will win each match!