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Quick Random Thoughts | February 26, 2015


To say it somewhat succinctly, the women athletes in professional wrestling deserve much better treatment all around … be it from the executives who make decisions all the way down to the fans who invest in the product. I find it obscenely ridiculous that we all have to write dissertations or publish “reasons” to justify our position regarding how women’s wrestling is presented and received by fans, especially when one look at the product and a seriously long soul-searching glance at our society can easily show even the most casual fan of them all that women wrestlers face insurmountable odds that just are simply non-existent for their male counterparts. Continue reading Quick Random Thoughts | February 26, 2015

Let’s Talk About Factions!

VarsityClubGreetings to you loyal L.E.W.D. readers and blog post followers! And peace to our dear brother Corbin for holding down the throne while the rest of us unintentionally shirked our wrasslin’ writin’ duties here. It’s literally been one month since I’ve personally angered you to the point of apathy or silent rage, but fear no longer! Here’s another fantastic and reasonably logical post to stick in your craw!

After having an incredibly long conversation with Mr. Chris Lamb and our Brother The Nic Johnson last week, viewing last night’s episode of ROH Wrestling and Friday night’s Impact Wrestling, I began to put more thought than I should have into the role factions play in professional wrestling and sports entertainment today. The most prevailing thought that occurred was the feeling that … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Factions!

TLC 2014 Sucked and You Know It: A DiZ Review

It’s no secret that I can’t stand Cleveland.  I can’t stand Cleveland as a city, as a concept; the sports teams there make me vomit, the local politics are mad corrupt, the police force is more corrupt than other places in the United States; I actively fear for the souls of my family and friends in and near the city.  To this day I say that only four good things can be associated with Cleveland:

  1. Drew Carey
  2. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  3. Halle Berry
  4. The ability to leave

So in that regard, maybe, JUST MAYBE, I’m sadistically pleased that such a crap PPV took place in Cleveland.  It’s exactly what the crap city deserves, and this is incredible because it was working in the shadow of the mindblowingly wonderful NXT event on Thursday.  Rumors were that the Raw and Smackdown talent were looking to step up after that brilliance that was REvolution, but I’m somewhat torn to say that I can count on one hand the guys that actually did, and to be fair, they were the cats that came from NXT anyway.

But this isn’t about me just up and bashing the PPV in a long post.  That’s what pages are for!  Let’s get started, because today I utilize a new system of grading: the Jermaine-o-meter!


Text Messagin’ w/ Mr. Lamb – Kevin Owens

Mr. Morris – “How mad would u be if Kevin Owens debuted like The Funkasaurus? Lol

Mr. Lamb – “Yes and yes.”

Mr. Morris – “Cool.”

Mr. Lamb – “Owens ain’t coming out in no comedy act. He hungry. For blood.”

Mr. Morris – “And Funk.”

Mr. Lamb – “…Shut up.”

the rise of ryback… redux

I remember when Ryback was getting his original push way back when, where no less than a dozen people were telling me that he had the potential to be the biggest thing in recent memory.  They told me that people would get over their Goldberg chants and stand behind him with the “FEED ME MORE!” chants.  They informed me that the people would fall in love with his character, that sheer power and love for destruction, and that he would one day be a worthy world championship contender.

Continue reading the rise of ryback… redux