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3 Hours is asking a lot!

It’s Sunday night.  There’s a WWE PPV on, what am I doing? Watching The Wizard of Oz. Right now, I have a few complaints that really made me disinterested in the whole product.

1. RAW is 3 hours long. Sorry, but I am working three jobs, a full time student, and in a sorority. Three hours on a Monday night to watch a television show is A LOT of time.
This also makes me question the fact that this is supposed to be geared toward kids…half of these kids are being put to bed before RAW is over, and the other half has the attention span of goldfish and don’t care about a story that drags itself over three hours.

2. With RAW being 3 hours, it is a long drawn out story where nothing really happens. The cliff hangers from before that kept me watching for the next episode can be solved in one Monday night. Where’s the fun in that? Also, the plot lately is dead. It’s boring. The same old “I’m the champion,” scheme is getting old.

3. This is more of a biased reason I don’t like watching anymore: My favorite wrestler NEVER wins anything. When I first started watching, Alberto Del Rio was awesome. He was actually doing stuff. Now, he’s just lame. He never wins, he’s all talk and no game. Also, he’s always getting hurt and his little Sancho Panza-esq side kick comes out as the fool. My respectable favorite has been turned into a scene of mockery.

4. To resolve my previous disgruntled fandom, I picked a new favorite: Dolph Ziggler. There is a lot of potential for him to save the WWE for me right now. If he gets a good story line going that isn’t just a stupid gimmick for one show, I’ll keep watching.

5. I’m so sick of this same story with C.M. Punk. He’s made me hate him, not because he’s a bad guy now, but because his story is so damn boring.

As I said earlier, RAW is 3 hours long and I’m busy. BUT, if the storyline was more interesting, I would make the effort to record and watch Monday Night RAW and I would actually know what’s going on to watch the PPV.

I’m almost afraid the WWE has extinguished its prime, and right now might be better off being syndicated or maybe just take a hiatus to regain fans.
I think it’s a dark age for the WWE right now.


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