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RAW Review 4-15-13, a.k.a. “Land of Diminishing Storylines”

This review will not be the typical Mr. Morris review you may have grown accustomed to reading.  For starters this piece is being crafted with a little under forty-five minutes left in the show.  There also won’t be many pictures from the evening, as the WWE has more than likely not published them prior to the show actually ending.

Much like last week a lot of “significant” things have happened on tonight’s episode of RAW, but those things were largely overshadowed by the not-New-Jersey crowd in Greenville, South Carolina and the annual creative reset that happens after WrestleMania.

Before launching into those two spiels, it must be noted that most of the champions that wrestled tonight—with the exception of the Tag Team Champions Team Hell No—all lost their matches.  While the Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett and World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler suffered non-title defeats to their opponents (R-Truth and Jack Swagger respectively), former United States Champion Antonio Cesaro fell victim to Kofi Kingston’s patented Trouble in Paradise finishing maneuver, giving the Ghanaian athlete the victory and the United States Championship.

As of this point right now (10:25 PM EST), John Cena has yet to appear in the ring with his WWE Title.  He did make one appearance in a backstage segment with Matt Stryker, which received no reaction whatsoever from the audience in Greenville…interesting…

This brings us back to one of the aforementioned points; my fellow L.E.W.D. writer Mr. Lamb spoke at length about the necessity of filler.  Apparently the same applies for the types of crowds a WWE show appears before.  Tonight’s crowd in Greenville, compared to the red hot crowd at the post-WrestleMania RAW in New Jersey, is close to being the one friend who nods off before everyone else at a sleepover.  I wonder how much more entertaining this show could be (and could have been) if the crowd tonight had not been the exact polar opposite of last week’s crowd.

The other concerning issue is that the product is in a rebuilding phase right now, setting up entirely new and different feuds than what we were presented with specifically for WrestleMania XXIX.  It’s going to take time and some exceptionally great writing to get fans behind these new stories, but the action surrounding said stories feels dry, stale and uninspired.  In the same spirit of Mr. Lamb’s piece, perhaps this “phase” is a filler phase for the product, a moment for us to catch our breath before things are kicked into high gear once again.

I wouldn’t go as far as to characterize this as a “bad” RAW, because there have been worse shows than this.  However tonight’s episode, while good on in-ring work, was not one of those shows that would cause me to call one of the L.E.W.D. brothers or sisters and enthusiastically scream into my cell phone about the show.

The three major things that stuck out to me in the show (now with twenty minutes remaining):

  • The Absurdity of Antonio Cesaro
  • The Ryback Has Feelings Too

For those fans keeping count, not only has Antonio Cesaro lost his United States Championship, but he’s also been saddled with a yodeling gimmick.  I’m sure someone somewhere in the company thought this would be hilarious and get Cesaro “more over” with the fans.  I won’t point fingers or name names, but instead I’ll allow this video to reveal a possible suspect:

Let’s recap the storied history of Antonio Cesaro: here we have a new WWE superstar who was a former Rugby player in Europe, but was kicked out of the sport for being too rough.  At some unspecified time in his life, this same former Rugby player also learned how to yodel during his time working on a Swiss farm training St. Bernards, all of which became world renowned rescue animals in their generation under his tutelage.


Update: Nikki/Brie Bella just defeated WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn (10:49 PM EST)
Tonight we also found out why The Ryback attacked WWE Champion John Cena last week, as if wanting to challenge him for the WWE Title wasn’t a good enough reason.  The story told by Ryback made perfect sense, but felt a little too much like the the same overly complicated year long storylines that have been resurrected in sports entertainment since Hulk Hogan’s return to prime time television in 2010.  Sometimes it just feels like wrestling is far more complicated than it should be; again, not a bad thing at all, but a simple “I want the WWE Championship” promo would’ve made sense.  However, that same promo after several high-profile losses would not have made sense, so I guess some sort of convoluted back story was necessary to focus our attention elsewhere.
Lastly, Fandango was not a Fanfavorite with the Greenville audience.  It took hard work for poor Johnny Curtis to get the crowd to even start the Fandangoing, a craze that didn’t occur until he actually left the ring.  Well…maybe things will look better for him during next week’s show from London, England.
And with that we get the show closing in-ring promo from John Cena and the eventual Ryback confrontation that will happen.  Please leave your thoughts on the show below…because I do believe I’m done.

RAW Review 10-1-12, a.k.a. “Still Got Something to Prove…”

Gary always knows how to cheer us up around here.

I’ve got to be honest with you guys…I really wasn’t into Monday night’s episode of RAW.  In fact I was so not into the episode that in order to do this review properly, I watched the show again on YouTube.  I actually watched it while typing this review.

In the past few months, pro wrestling fans have flexed their critically cynical muscles by lambasting the WWE for producing subpar programming, particularly with respect to the product offered by other companies.  But this is a RAW review, and we’re not here to compare oranges to crab apples; if we’re going to rake RAW over the coals, we can do it without mentioning who does what better.

My feelings from last week haven’t changed; pro wrestling/sports entertainment seems to be in a dormancy period that is in turn making everything seem boring.  This is unfortunate for the WWE because there are a lot of great things going on for the company right now, most noteworthy being the revitalization of the tag team division.

But everything else is just blah to me.  Fact is that if you missed this show, you could get the gist of it by watching the 40 billion RAW Rewinds that will air on the 900 hours of WWE programming airing between now and Friday.

I’m not one for ultimatums, but I can say that Monday’s RAW  left me anxious for this week’s episode of NXT.  Terrible thing when the flagship show makes you appreciate the show that doesn’t even air in this country.

Those feelings aside, here are three things that stuck out to me:

  • Live from Oklahoma City, it’s Monday Night RAWWWWW!
  • MinoriTEAMS featuring Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara
  • Newfound Respect: Cesaro and Sandow

All that top talent in one segment gone straight to hell. | Photo © 2012 WWE, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

I was initially amazed at the talent in the ring at the beginning of the show…and those feelings quickly dissipated once the segment reached its climax.

When conversations begin about the next generation of WWE Superstars (something I’ll hit on in a future post), it’s amazing to consider the abilities and skills of the superstars and divas surging down the pipeline.  As Paul Heyman mentioned during the segment, the “here-and-now” of the WWE was gathered in the ring at once and it was a beautiful sight.  To see CM Punk with Heyman, Dolph Ziggler with Vickie Guerrero, Kane and Daniel Bryan and AJ Lee all in the ring at once…it was quite the sexy sight.

It was when Daniel Bryan interrupted the segment to talk about his looks, his beard, and his reign as the tag team champions that the whole thing just got silly.  What was an interesting back and forth between Team Best In the World and Team Money In the Bank turned into an opening monologue for Saturday Night Live.  It depressed me.

This isn’t to say that all opening segments have to be as serious as a soteriological debate between Lance Storm and Dean Malenko, but the reality of a sports entertainment doctrine was very evident during that opening segment.  I understand and agree with the idea that pro wrestling has to be entertaining, and the segment was entertaining before the introduction of shtick.

It was entertaining for me mostly because of Paul Heyman.  Watching the man work a crowd and turn a phrase is like witnessing Michelangelo craft a masterpiece.  His mannerisms, facial expressions, and poignant comments made the whole thing pop, and to see him verbally spar with the equally abrasive Vickie Guerrero was near perfect.

The whole purpose for AJ, Kane and Daniel Bryan was to set up the main event and that’s fine; but I just really feel like it took the entire segment in a different direction, a direction that really had to do with AJ more than it did the superstars and managers in the ring.

If that truly is the case then we can understand why (kayfabe) CM Punk feels disrespected.  Even with John Cena missing from television, the show is still not about the WWE Champion.  A fan can only hope a payoff to all this is coming in the near future.

“It’s us against the world, Rey…us against the world…” | Photo © 2012 WWE, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

WWE has done wonders to revitalize its dying tag team division. From having a single-elimination tournament to decide the number one contenders, to having the tag teammates dress alike, these minor improvements have gone a long way to show fans that WWE truly “cares” about tag team wrestling…well, at least Triple H does.

Did anyone else notice how the teams made up of minorities were facing each other in the tournament?  Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara faced Epico and Primo Monday night, and on Friday The Prime Time Players will face R-Truth and Kofi Kingston on Smackdown.

That type of wrestling brings back memories…

Disciples of Apocalypse

Los Boricuas

Nation of Domination

And people said they wanted the Attitude Era back.

Antonio Cesaro putting them hoo-has to Brodus Clay. | Photo © 2012 WWE, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Occasionally there are moments in a given company where superstars will go above and beyond what is expected of them.  We can only assume that these superstars have, at some point, become aware of an opportunity for career advancement.  In other words, no John Cena equals prime opportunity to run with the ball.

Both Antonio Cesaro and Damien Sandow showed their asses Monday night by doing some impressive things in the ring.  Cesaro’s moment arrived when he leveled the massive Brodus Clay with his finisher, The Neutralizer.

Ho…leee… | Photo © 2012 WWE, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

CRAP!!!! | Photo © 2012 WWE, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Damien Sandow’s spot in the sunshine came during his entire match with Sheamus, where he literally went toe-to-toe with the brutish son of Ireland and held his own for the majority of a very lengthy match.

Sandow: “Say it…say it…SAY IT!!!” Sheamus: “Maaaa-ttteeee!” | Photo © 2012 WWE, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

I won’t sit and predict that either man will hold a major championship before the sun sets on the year, but I can say that both men performed as if they had something to prove to someone watching the show.  Creatively speaking Sandow and Cesaro’s characters have been stuck in neutral for quite some time; their performances injected some much needed life into the two stock, generic characters.

For example: up until Monday Cesaro dominated his competition with relative ease.  While he did not give Clay a sound thrashing, he did manage to lift the behemoth off of his feet for his finisher.  Keep in mind that there are only a select few individuals that put Brodus Clay on his duff.

Meanwhile Damien Sandow shed his typically foppishly dandy demeanor to prove that he could be just as ruthless and relentless as Mankind.  I still think the character is a tool, but kudos to the man and his work by showing that he can hold his own against opponents of substance.

Those are just my thoughts on the show; what do YOU think???

The Return of Quinn Pt. 3

In this episode, we talk about Chris Jericho and his involvement with the up-and-coming Dolph Ziggler.

The Return of Quinn 2012-08-06 Pt. 3

More is on it’s way!