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“As the Cena Turns” – Why I’m With Team Bring It

This was initially going to be a RAW review, but seeing as I’m about two days late for it to still be relevant, I’ve deleted everything prior to this paragraph and left the last little bit.  The last part of my would be review is simply a rant about this thing between Dwayne Johnson and John Cena.  I hope you enjoy my venting…


Cena did a lot of on the Feb. 20th episode of Monday Night RAW; but even with all his gum flapping he really didn’t say much.  What he did say, however, brought up the heated debate that has literally broken up families and caused massive tons of street violence all across the southeast: who’s right: Cena or Rock?

I could sit here and do a year long diatribe on why I don’t side with Cena in this whole story line, and perhaps I will one day when I can spare two days of my life.  But in the meantime, I want to say this: Cena sounds like a bitter ex-girlfriend.

That’s just my perception of the situation, though.  As I said in my previous piece, opinions are like elbows and everyone is entitled to have as many as they please; this is why the whole Cena/Rock situation is interesting.  Everybody got something to say…

Two different conversations with good friends led me to the root of the CeNation’s hatred for Dwayne Johnson.  As it turns out, some feel that Dwayne turned his back on wrestling fans and only returns to his roots to pander terrible movies.  To these fans, Dwayne doesn’t really care about his fans, the wrestling business, or the foundation that enabled him to succeed at making and shilling his crappy movies.

This is viewed as being super disrespectful to the folks that cheer his name and long to see him compete regularly in a WWE ring.  For someone like Cena, who apparently standsin persona fandom, this insult isn’t to be taken lightly.

The funny thing about this perception is that it’s strictly subjective; it’s an opinion based off of one’spersonal interpretationof a particular situation.

Seriously think about it: Dwayne turned his back on the fans…how do you know that for a fact?  One could easily talk for decades about how Dwayne left for seven years and didn’t wrestle and whatever, but what are our expectations?  Movies aren’t filmed overnight, and when someone is paying you millions of dollars to be a fairy, would YOU get in the ring for less than $2 million more than what Tri-Star is offering you?

What were fans’ expectations of Dwayne?  Should he have never left?  Should he have wrestled until he seriously injured himself (i.e. Edge)?  Should he have gone the Ric Flair route and just never left and tarnished his legacy by becoming a shell of what he once was?

Those are the questions fans don’t or can’t answer; all they “know” is that Dwayne left and doesn’t care for his fans.

Even more damning to these fans is the fact that when Dwayne returns to plug a movie, he “expects” fans to roll over for him and pretend as if he never left…I’ll come back to that notion in a minute.

When it’s all said and done, people just seem to be pissed off because Dwayne only panders for our attention for his own selfish gain.  Cena even said that same stuff in the ring during RAW.  Apparently you can’t even get to Dwayne without having to go through his assistant, his assistant’s assistant, and the security guard that protects him from crazy meat heads who want to knock out his pearly white teeth (*cough CENA cough*).

If that’s one’s assessment of the situation, that’s perfectly fine; I can deal with that.  But let me launch into the other side of that story…

Cena prides himself on being “there” for the fans, giving his all day in and day out for the fans.  Dude…that’s your f***ing job; what makes you any different from Santino Marella, Primo Colon, Kofi Kingston, Jack Doane, Tony Chimmel, and Ted the Camera Man?

It’d be totally different if Cena did all of that stuff and some more, but he doesn’t.  Take last night’s video that featured all the FCW stars; Cena didn’t go to that gym to encourage those stars or to help them hone their craft.  Cena went there to work out and they just happened to be there.  Why should I celebrate him for not ignoring people that said, “Hey Cena, how are you?”

Cena is a hard worker and does a lot for fans inside and outside of the ring.  It’s just unfortunate that Dwayne did all of those same things while Cena (and most of his fans) were either in high school or pre-school.  What more does a fan want?

And for the record, I never got the impression that Dwayne didn’t appreciate his fans.  Dwayne, whether wrestling or not, is an entertainer.  If he showed up one night or 8 weeks in a row, he’s doing so to entertain me as a fan and for as long as I’ve been a fan he’s never let me down.  Ya boy Cena on the other hand…bores the paint right off a freshly constructed barn.

For the better part of his career, Cena has spent every night phoning in his performances and being about as energizing as dead batteries in your girlfriend’s rubber boyfriend.  You can set your watch to the dreaded Five Moves of Doom and  call-in a finish to the match.

Cena has conquered all of his challengers, beaten most of the people on the roster, and is about two seconds away from challenging Ric Flair’s championship record.  He typically loses by some shady means, and has yet to be put in a position where he puts over a wrestler on the rise.

But I’m expected to side with him on because he does that every night just for me?  Excuse me, and I may just be in the 1%, but I didn’t ask for that.  I appreciate the gesture, but please go the hell away.  AND HE WON’T EVEN DO THAT!!!

Then he has the unmitigated gall to stand on his pulpit proclaiming that he’s better than the hate launched at him from the fans that he’s supposedly giving his all to entertain?  Does he think he’s Jesus???

Or maybe our dear friend is jealous because the guy who supposedly “hates this business” can skip back into the company for one night only and get a more favorable crowd reaction than the guy who’s there every night…that sounds like one bonafide hater to me.

Cena defeated Kane and survived without a scratch.  Cena took Zack Ryder’s love interest and exposed her as a “whore,” even though she was really more of a gold digger.  Cena never lost an “I Quit” match, Cena kept his job when Mr. McMahon fired him from losing to CM Punk, Cena defeated The Nexus, Cena sent Batista to hell, Cena Cena Cena.

“The Champ” gets shoved down our throats every single Monday night and will continue to until the end of time, and I’m supposed to be on his side when Dwayne takes 15 minutes of his precious air time to actually entertain me?

That’s why people sign up with hashtag Team Bring It; no matter how right Cena is, no matter how edgy he gets, no matter how many times he shows up to work and complains that Dwayne is unwilling to confront him on the job, he’s still just one big bore.

And that, dear friends, is what Cena brings every single time he gets in the ring.  He is the only professed sports entertainer that revels in the fact he lives, breathes, and sweats to bore the living hell out of everyone 24/7, 365 days a year.  Congratulations, John Cena; you’ve just made mediocrity more attractive.

In closing, please enjoy this little video that showcases only a few of the things that are far more entertaining than one of Cena’s bitch rants and his cute little outdated shoulder dusting.