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Backlash – NXT Review 1-4-12

Here at L.E.W.D., we value the opinions of our readers and contributors alike.  After all, without your reads and remarks this site would be just another random WordPress powered blog featuring a motley crew of ranting wrasslin’ fanatics.

But there’s something else we value just as much here in the hallowed halls of cyberspace allotted to us; you see, we value valid and sound argument just as much as we welcome dissenting opinions.  That’s just one of the things that makes being a wrestling fan fun;we get to engage one another in healthy debates about a subject we’re all passionate about.

But that’s the key to it all…just as much as we value our readers and welcome their comments, we are particularly high on valid and sound arguments.  Rarely are we ranting without a purpose, and we expect the same from anyone who may claim that we’re out of touch with reality.

So imagine the jubilation I felt when a new reader perused our site here, trudged through one of my pieces, and left some very interesting comments. Oh lucky day!

As most of you know I vacation often in the land of long-windedness, so I felt it necessary to draft an entire post to respond to our friends’ perspective rather than leave a year’s worth response to his/her already lengthy post.  So as I crack my knuckles and drink my 5-hour energy shot, I ask you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

What follows is a calculated and somewhat impassioned point-by-point response to Migelle Patterson’s reply to my review of January 4th’s episode of WWE NXT.  Migelle’s responses have been kept intact to maintain the integrity of the original post, and will appear indented and italicized below.

Migelle wrote:

Very good review about the younger wrestlers get a story but serious change is a good it makes things bigger and better, nxt should go! wwe should do a better new brand,

I appreciate the kudos, Migelle…I think.  I mean, it starts off flowery enough but then I’m confused by the use of grammar and a lack of a few things that make sentences sentences.  You know…periods, commas, nouns…But hey, I’m not paid to be the L.E.W.D. Grammar Police; come to think of it I’m not being paid at all for this…

But more interesting is your suggestion for the WWE to make things “bigger and better,” for them to “do a better new brand.” With most fans complaining that they can’t even do the B-show right (Smackdown), I’d be quite hesitant at adding another completely different roster to the mix.  And honestly speaking NXT is a brand in and of itself, seeing as most of the stars there only make these piddly cameo appearances elsewhere in the WWE.  But whatev, let’s trek forward…

i feel there destroying the new talent with gameshow points and cornie storylines and they are cornie,

Uhm…they haven’t really done the whole “redemption point” thing in awhile, at the least not for a month or so.  Have you been watching the show, Migelle??? ::eyes suspiciously::

As far as “cornie” (corny) goes, the stuff on NXT couldn’t possibly be any worse than Natalya farting or “The Funkasaurus.” It’s all about perspective, my friend.

the superstars on nxt are midcard wrestlers they should be given something to get better for, like a exclusive championship, whats a better storyline then a rivalry go for two going for samething gold,

Now THAT I agree with you on.  The superstars on NXT are essentially mid-card wrestlers that I feel the WWE will eventually put over as huge stars.  Right now, however, the best place for them is on NXT; if moved right now, each of them would get swallowed up by the mega superstars on RAW or virtually ignored on Smackdown.

I also agree that a rivalry storyline for something more important and significant than a relationship would be ideal for two or three of the superstars on the show.  In fact before the show’s current format, I lobbied for two of the superstars to have a similar rivalry even while vying for those silly points.  They actually created something like this between Darren Young and Titus O’Neil, but turned Titus heel and decided to move in a different direction.

It’d be different to have John Laurinaitis and Teddy Long visit the show for a month and “scout” talent to bring to their brand.  But hey, what do we know, right?  We’re just fans…

i feel tna x division has it right…

Whoa whoa whoa…this is a family-friendly site, Migelle.  Mr. Quinn Gammon is the only one here who can get away with such vulgar language, and that’s because he’s a closet Russo fanatic…

with there young stars goin for gold to, wwe should have a title simular to the x divsion a superstars title a storyline to see whos the best in that division makes great compeition,

I hear this often; fans suggest that the WWE add yet another title to their already convoluted ranking system.  Instead of adding another title, might I suggest they clean up the secondary title divisions (Intercontinental, US, Tag Team, Divas) and make those worth a damn before adding another title that won’t be worth a damn.

I’m with you on the “best in the division” storyline, Migelle, but that’s what ROH does consistently and they’re the #3 wrestling company.  As revolutionary as that idea sounds, it’s also slightly counterproductive.  I mean theoretically, the “best in the division” is the guy with the championship, right?  Question is: how’d he get to that point?

i say titus o’neil and darren young rivialry does well, bateman and curtis fighting over maxine its cornie, in storylines like that its best we know the wrestler for 2 years before they a tempt that kind of rivalry get to know them more as wrestlers see who’s more better in and out the ring stir all the favors in so to speak there still new guys,

Titus O’Neil made his WWE debut on June 8, 2010 during the second season of NXT; Darren Young debuted on the first season of NXT in February of the same year.  Curtis and Bateman during the fourth season in December 2010,and Maxine during the second season in September 2010.

Wait…all four of the stars mentioned made their WWE debuts…2 years ago?!?!?  What more do you want from them…an extra two years???  Are you sure you’ve been watching this show, Migelle? ::eyes even more suspiciouslier::

not just that make a new brand of nxt they need 8 more superstars to make it, like elzikel jackson, drew mcintirey, evan borne, mason ryan, heath slater, jandar mahall, justin gariel, and i liked lucky cannon, this superstars are not doing as well so it best to build them up till there ready for that push,

Now I…you know what, nevermind.  I’ll let you all figure that one out on your own.

come on nxt it poo, new wrestlers are better then that, they should let them debut and in impress to get a gud contact,like that ecw superstars thing, axe nxt, new brand, new start for superstars looking for that push and up and comers ready to show what they can do for something to fight for, so im sorry it is as bad as you think it is.

This is where we get down to brass tax.  NXT plays a role in WWE programming that I’m sure none of us outside of the company are familiar with.  For the sake of this conversation, I’ll gladly speculate on it.

When ANY wrestling promotion puts on a show for fans, they don’t start said show cold duck.  The crowd must be warmed up so that enthusiasm comes through for the televised product.  Think about all of those no name scrubs that warm up for Evanescence, Motorhead, and Jay-Z; it’s the same thing with wrestling.

Let’s look at RAW; this weekly show is televised LIVE across the United States and the world, which means that the stuff we see on TV is happening as we see it (to a certain extent), as opposed to something having been taped three weeks ago and airing for the first time when we actually see it from the comfort of our living rooms (i.e. Smackdown and Impact Wrestling).

With that being the case, RAW doesn’t come on until 9:00 PM in the city I live in.  Let’s say they’re taping a particular episode of RAW from my city; that means that the show won’t “start” until 9:00 PM.  Who in their right mind would leave their home at 8:45 PM for a 9:00 PM show on a Monday night with work and school to do the next night?  That’s right, not as many as you would assume.

So therefore the shows start around 7:00 PM, 7:15 PM or so, right after people have gotten off of work and had a bite to eat and picked up the kids from all their after school activities.  But if the show doesn’t start until 9:00 PM, what do you do for two hours?

You tape NXT; you tape Superstars; you have “dark matches” and allow fans to get autographs from superstars that may not be on the show for the night.

Since NXT serves as the “warm-up” show for Smackdown, there’s no way on God’s livable green garden that anything offered on that one hour show will be better than the two hours of Smackdown following it.  That’s just stupid.  Not to mention that the show is only an hour, so what can you possibly play out in one hour that can give a “new start for superstars looking for that push and up and comers ready to show what they can do for something to fight for“?

Jack squat.

Fact: the WWE has shows that come on television on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and also one Sunday a month.  Fact: the WWE has just started a series of shows that are designed and created to be viewed on YouTube.  Fact: the WWE has already saturated the entertainment world with its brand of pro wrestling.

Having said that, you’re SERIOUSLY asking for another show, another brand for superstars to get the opportunity “showcase” their talents???

News flash, my friend: the WWE is about making money.  To even get signed by them in the first place is a big deal, and if you as a superstar can’t navigate the political bee-ess in the company and/or make them money through your appearance and appeal, then you will be relegated to a fairly average position or released from the company altogether.

Fans have this unhealthy obsession with having every superstar on the roster getting this undefined mega “push,” without realizing that if every superstar got that undefined push, there would be no one left to “push” them in that position.  Ergo wrestlers and shows have roles; if everyone plays their role, we continue to get a decent product that occasionally impresses us.  Once folks start reaching in the wrong bag, however, things get chaotic and we’re left to writing comments with assloads of grammatical errors about how much we dislike the company.

The fact that O’Neil, Young, Bateman, Curtis and Maxine have been wrestling for 2 years and some fans still don’t know who they are says more about those fans than it does about them.  Those stars and the WWE have given us plenty of opportunities to invest in their characters and yet we turn and blame them because NXT doesn’t live up to the RAW or Smackdown-like expectations we hold it to.  That’s particular fault is on us and NOT on the WWE or their stars.

The irony of it is that my original review was done so well because I actually took the time to not only watch the show, but to watch it as a fan; I could’ve easily bitched and moaned about redemption points and corny story lines, but I didn’t.  I watched it, I took from it what was salvageable, and I wrote about it.  I even went as far as to dissect the matches and the implications of what the stars were doing in the ring…how is that not getting to know these stars and how they wrestle?

Is the show must-see, ground breaking television?  No.  Do they have the most thrilling action offered by the WWE?  No.  Are the stars well-known mega stars that can pack arenas?  No.

But do they bust their asses day in and out for us?  Yes.  Do they work within the parameters they’re given?  Yes.  Does the program they’re on offer us some glimmer of happiness in the middle of frustrating work weeks?  Yes.

Opinions are like belly-buttons and we’re all entitled to them, but we can’t seriously complain about the state of a product, clamor for more blood, and demand something better when we have not given the company any good reason to alter the state of their product other than to keep the few of us that are whining about it from whining about it.

Having said all of that, I’m sorry that you feel that NXT is not worth your time, Migelle.  I won’t apologize for enjoying the show and the product, as I think it’s fine for what it’s worth.

But I will say this: if it wasn’t for a show like NXT, where would your next John Cena, Kane, CM Punk or whomever come from?  Perhaps that fictional new WWE brand that in perhaps six years would become as bland and useless as NXT has in your view…I mean really, ECW was that place and fans were pissed because it wasn’t the original ECW.  Some folks are just never satisfied…

Thanks for your time; you’re wished well in all your future endeavors.