Jomo and mr. baow: A Dramady

John hated his life. It was cold, and the wind was blowing. The streets of Pittsburgh weren’t nice to his kind: the halfway model type with the washboard abs and the furry boots. The world would put up with that were he younger, and they would certainly find reason to love him if he were Canadian, but John was neither. He was a man trying to get his life together, and he was failing miserably.

He didn’t have much going for him really, not in the sense he wanted. The abs were nice, as was the leaping ability; there was a history of relative success and being paired alongside champions and future champions, and there was of course his face. It was no coincidence that he looked like the front man to the legendary band, but for a generation of would-be fans who only knew “Freebird” because of the lore – and not the song – it meant less and less.

The wind blew more, and the man’s trench coat flew up slightly in the gust. His legs were bare, save for the furry boots, and as a car sped by he couldn’t help but blush deeply as the passengers laughed at him like Nelson Muntz. Two ha’s, and an accusatory point of the finger; he hated this line of work.

NXT Review 10.30.14, a.k.a. “Pots and Kettles”

Did you catch my review of Wednesday’s episode of IMPACT Wrestling?  If so, you might be interested in this review of last night’s episode of NXT.

hypocriteIt’d be very awkward to sit here and gloat endlessly on how great NXT is, how spectacular the action is, and how near-flawless the creative direction is without noting that this show also suffers from being taped some time ago.  Continue reading NXT Review 10.30.14, a.k.a. “Pots and Kettles”

IMPACT Wrestling Review 10.29.14, a.k.a. “Taped Before A Live Studio Audience”

“You two are the only one in that ring believing that crap that you’re talking about.”  – Devon, to Bram and Magnus

Another episode of IMPACT Wrestling in the can, which means …

Forget it; the shows being aired were taped back some time ago.  There it is. Continue reading IMPACT Wrestling Review 10.29.14, a.k.a. “Taped Before A Live Studio Audience”

Hell In A Cell 2014 Review: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Let me begin at the ending: going all the way back to the Raw after Payback, which is the June WWE PPV… you built a feud between Seth Rollins, who betrayed The Shield on that night (which I’ve been on record as not making logical sense for Rollins to BEAT HHH and friends two PPVs in a row and then… join them?) and Dean Ambrose, who seemed to take it the most personally (Roman Reigns doesn’t seem very mad about it, which I’ve gone on record as saying… is very Cena of him, which is apropos because he will be forced upon us much LIKE Cena.) and now… on this night in late October… they made it look like Ambrose was FINALLY getting his ‘retribution’ and all of a sudden, Bray Wyatt comes back to help Seth Rollins win ANOTHER match. I said before I liked Ambrose to lose on this night, Continue reading Hell In A Cell 2014 Review: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

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