L.E.W.Dicrous Palaver (formerly the Second L.E.W.D. Council Live Meeting)–3/21/15

Three weeks.  We’ve been at it for three weeks now and we’re showing no signs of stopping.  On 3/21/15 myself and the incomparable Mr. Gammon spoke on the Road to Wrestlemania, TNA, my failed attempts at a-courtin’ Sasha Banks (an ongoing process, I assure you) and the latest exploits of John Morrison.  Give it a view!

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Rumors that HHH is pushing for Lesnar to be re-signed and retain the WWE title are making the rounds. I’m not sure if it’s a work or a shoot. What I do know is that I’ve been wrong about WWE’s creative direction for the last four WrassleManias. I thought Cena would beat The Rock at 28. I thought CM Punk would beat The Rock at the Rumble and end The Streak at 29. I thought Batista would win at 30. I think the smart move this year is to take a chance on Roman Reigns. So this probably means that Brock Lesnar WILL retain. Which is a terrible fucking idea.

One of the worst things to happen to the sport of professional wrestling is most of its fans thinking they know what good booking is. Good booking to wrestling fans is whatever the fuck they think should happen. Let me tell you plainly that it would be terrible goddamned booking if Roman Reigns loses on 3/29. Because, basically… you’ve built the last several Manias around old dudes on their way out or they are next to never on your shows. CM Punk would still be in WWE if he was the focus at 28 and 29. 30 was about Lesnar ending The Streak and then winning the title at SummerSlam so he could drop it to someone at 31. To not pull the fucking trigger now, is throwing away the last few years. And CM Punk is a UFC fighter now. In wrestling… name me ONE time they didn’t pull the trigger on someone and then people wanted to see that person rise up later. I’ll wait. Lemme help. Lex Luger. LOL. Yeah. Never.

Mark Madden and other dumbasses keep saying “Reigns can’t carry a 20 minute talking segment” while ignoring the fact that there is never any fucking need for a pro wrestler to stand in the ring and deliver a 10 minute monologue before being interrupted by an entrance theme. All I need to see is. the way the crowd pops for homie’s three moves of doom. I was amazed at the fact that he wrestled a good match with Daniel Bryan and didn’t get booed the fuck out of the building. If “make Roman look strong” is the directive, why have him get ‘manipulated’ into putting his main event spot on the line? Why have him lose twice on Raw in the last month after not being pinned in a singles match in 3 years? Why build his main event push around the notion that EVERYONE is saying “he can’t”? NONE OF THAT MAKES ROMAN LOOK STRONG. ALL OF THAT IS SHITTY BOOKING ON WWE’S PART.

Related, unrelated: I’ve been watching the oldest WWE pay per views on the Network. I grew up a Hulk Hogan fan, brother. The booking back then was terrible to me. Not the main event stuff. The undercard. Back in the 80s WWE had every major name from all the territories they killed off. Legends like Steamboat and Harley Race and JYD never held the WWE heavyweight gold. In this era everyone on that roster (that wasn’t a jobber) would have been like a 10-15 time champion. I’m not saying that’s bad. I want to go back to that actually. Get rid of the Money in the Bank. Yeah I said it. MITB is an excuse to suddenly put the belt on people who probably have no business winning the world title. WWE will be forced to either put the belt on Rollins 3 months after giving it to Reigns, or not give it to him. Either option isn’t great to me. And in my opinion Seth Rollins is the best worker they have. Anyway… like I was saying: the booking was terrible in the undercard. It left WWE completely unprepared for the departure of Hulk Hogan. John Cena will not do this forever. They need to elevate a few young stars while he’s still there to prepare for when he retires.

Another thing I often think of… people complain Reigns is ‘over-protected’. Because John Cena was out there getting rolled up by Kofi Kingston. I’m sure in Hogan’s day, when Hulkamania was running wild… people complained that he was burying everyone and winning all the time. All those people are fucking morons. There is no getting over as a top star and losing with any regularity. Cena might lose clean once a year. Dirty? Three times. Max. Reigns has already lost dirty twice this year. Smh. I hope they do the right thing and go all the way with him. Cena and Lesnar are near 40, dog. If not Reigns then who? Daniel Bryan? That was last year, famalam.

Second Second L.E.W.D. Council Live Broadcast

Welcome one and all to the second Second L.E.W.D. Council Live Broadcast!  On Pi Day 2015, at approximately 9:00 PM EST Mr. Morris and I went on for an hour and some change about the WWE, TNA and a few things that may or may not be related.  Halle Berry is not related, I admit, but since when do you need a reason to talk about Halle Berry? 

Never, that’s when!  Enjoy the show!

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WrestleMania 31 Polls

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With WrestleMania 31 only a few weeks away, I figured it would be about time to see what results people are believing are going to come of “The Granddaddy of Them ALL!”

Please vote on who you think will win each match!


When CM Punk Comes Back…

The other day I listened to Cult of Personality and for the first time… I missed CM Punk. If you’re new to my ramblings you don’t realize it’s my fault you can’t read this at your job. Mostly because I stay cussin, but I really fucked around and used 53 variations of the word fuck to describe my anger at CM Punk losing the WWE title to The Rock. So it is from that place that I now condescend to Daniel Bryan fans who don’t seem to understand the way the business works, has always worked and will always work. The last time I wrote about CM Punk, I said I hope he never comes back. As I type this, I know it is only a matter of time before he does.

At the time I am writing this, Brock Lesnar is trying to leverage WWE and UFC against each other to get the most money he can. And honestly, Brock would be a damn fool to go back to UFC. He had a good run at first, but over time it became clear, he’s just a big guy who is without hope if he can’t take you down and lay on you, scoring at will with love taps. In WWE, Brock is guaranteed big paydays for like the next 20 years, doing exactly what he’s doing now. Fight four times a year, and win most of those. There are no such guarantees in UFC. And THAT brings me to CM Punk. I expect him to do ok. Win a few fights and build the hype, and then after a while, he’ll start getting exposed and retire.  Then we’ll start hearing that he’s in negotiations to come back to WWE as a part timer. And he WILL be a big ass hypocrite for that shit. And none of us will care if the matches and promos are 2011 CM Punk quality.

I am very positive and hopeful about WWE’s future. I think Cena winning the US title and Bryan winning the IC title are signs that WWE actually cares about the prestige of the midcard titles. Reigns winning the world title is a sign that they’re preparing to not need to build its biggest show around old dudes because they’re making new stars. The build to Mania has suffered because the three biggest matches on the card all feature guys who either never appear on tv or rarely appear on tv. There’s something to be said for being a special attraction… but Bray Wyatt cannot get heat on his feud… I don’t even want to CALL something a feud when I’ve never even seen the two interact. HHH and Sting just trading video packages at this point, with maybe four times we’ve even seen someone dressed as Sting in a WWE arena. WWE is building up Roman by having everyone say he cannot win, and the one time we’ve seen the two of them in the same place at the same time, it was at WWE HQ, night after the Rumble. At this point, there is no real point to having the two of them touch. Still much excite.

CM Punk will finally get to main event Mania when he comes back. And. I. Will. Die. if it’s against the new best in the world, Seth Rollins. Honestly I look forward to a program between him and Ambrose, Wyatt, Rusev and Reigns. I’ll only have to wait a few years for WWE to overpay for what they could have already had.

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