The Return of Quinn Pt. 2

We continue with the interview with Mr. Quinn Gammon by talking about CM Punk and his character shift.

The Return of Quinn 2012-08-06 Pt. 2

More to come soon!

One thought on “The Return of Quinn Pt. 2”

  1. I find these quirky and entertaining…keep up the work Rt Rev and Mr. Gammon.

    2 things – 1) “profound shade of gray.” Love that statement. B) The Rock really did just give himself a championship match…I wonder if our new RAW GM will have anything to say about that…doubt it, but whatev…it’s still hilarious to me.

    And thirdly) I think it’s interesting that a good number of fans like CM Punk’s “heel” turn, while another large group of fans will celebrate the stars that are faces/heels every other week. The irony is delicious to me…


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