My Two Cents: Velvet Sky and Chavo Guerrero, Jr.

Shout out to the wrestling gods for Twitter:

And to make things even more juicier interesting, here’s this:

ANNNNNNNND just so we can go to for the hat trick, Chavo Guerrero Jr.’s “epic” debut for IMPACT Wrestling included a beat down at the hands of Team 3 Strikes (Gunner and Kid Kash) and a save from Hernandez…

I can only blame myself…

People love to be “right,” and as I bask in a half-filled tub of lukewarm “I-told-you-so,” I do want to consider both of these incidents as events not related to the quality of tonight’s episode of IMPACT Wrestling; that’s another post all by itself.

Two things have happened since Velvet announced her departure from TNA: 1) the speculation of her status in the company has ended, and 2) the speculation of a Beautiful People reunion in the WWE has begun.  Think of it as an equal trade of water cooler gossip.  Oh, and for those of you that care, her profile is still available for viewing pleasure at

Fans shouldn’t expect a BP reunion in the WWE, nor should they actually ask for one.  After all both Angelina Love and Velvet Sky are “wrestlers,” and the WWE doesn’t specialize in “wrestling,” particularly “women’s wrestling.”  So who in their right mind would want to see both of these skillful and dangerous female athletes suffer under the oppressive yoke of Vincent Kennedy McMahon’s evil sports entertainment machine?  I mean it’d be a completely different story if the BPs were better known for their titillatingly sensual antics, such as straddling the ring ropes or allowing ring announcers to objectify them by making thinly veiled observations about their genitalia…thank goodness they’re wrestlers.

Velvet also managed to sneak a pot shot in about the current creative staff by thanking Vince Russo by name for giving the BPs a shot.  We all know that Russo is the black-hearted scapegoat of pro wrestling, but with each passing day there appears to be more and more people thanking him for giving them the opportunity to shine.   It is kind of odd for people to speak highly of the anti-Christ…

As for Chavo Guerrero Jr., I don’t think there are a enough words to even begin describing the unwillingness of at least one fan to witness where his first story line in the company is headed.  Maybe we can pick a few out of the 3000 the next few pictures will give us:

In a situation like this we’ve got to feel some level of sympathy for SuperMex.  Arguably his best stint in TNA was during the Latin American Xpress (LAX) faction with Homicide and Konnan as their mouthpiece.  In my opinion the combination of Homicide’s speed and viciousness, Hernandez’s unmistakable power and big man-agility, and Konnan’s blood-boiling heat magnet mic skills made the trio one of the most underrated and over-looked tag teams in TNA’s tag team division at the time.  Then TNA had to go and not pay Konnan’s medical bills and he had to go and get litigious and that was pretty much the end of that oil well right there.

After that Hernandez played second-fiddle to Homicide’s charisma slaughtering mic skills…literally.  The man has undeniable skill in the ring but he’s no Bob Uecker when it comes to the gift of gab and he might be a stone’s throw away from Adamle territory.  After navigating the tumultuous turmoil of those stormy seas they added the equally Hispanic and then recently future-endeavored Salinas (a.k.a. WWE’s Ariel, b.k.a. Kevin Thorn’s smoking hot vampiric valet) to the group…and that ended terribly as well.

Before I forget, Willie Urbina and the other Hispanic announcer at the time had something to do with them…moving right along…

So Homicide leaves the company and SuperMex is left all alone until someone gets the bright idea to not only give him a tag partner but to also make HIM the mouthpiece of the group.  Keep in mind that up until this point all Hernandez had to do was beat people up; by giving him the stick they might as well have put Stevie Wonder in a police line-up to point out the cats that kidnapped Samoa Joe.

To make matters worse in that particular situation, TNA saddled Hernandez with Matthew “Anarquia” Barela, who most fans viewed as a poor man’s Chavo Guerrero.  AND THEN the cherry on top was the subjective observation that Anarquia was about as close to being a skilled wrestler as Mike Tenay is to giving a damn about the product he’s commentating on.

A lot of fans blamed Anarquia for Sabin’s first ACL injury.  From the video it really doesn’t seem like his fault, until you see this

Botched spots and injuries aside, the lovely Sarita is thrown into the mix and randomly introduces her cousin Rosita to TNA fans and now we have the anti-American super group Mexican America who, at one point in time, held both the TNA Tag Team Championships and the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championships.  Then Anarquia got sent back to OVW because someone recognized the need for some “seasoning” if you will, and then Hernandez disappeared from TV, then Rosita and Sarita palled around until they disappeared too.

Hernandez randomly shows back up just in time for Slammiversary X, has a match that night plus one more match on the IMPACT Wrestling following the Pay Per View, disappears again, and now returns to save a debuting Chavo Guererro Jr. from two suspiciously prejudiced and stereotypical “good ol’ boys” with sleeve tattoos that would make The Undertaker and Randy Orton jealous.

So again…whyyyyy???  Specifically speaking about TNA’s product, is it absolutely vital to team the Hispanic and Latin American wrestlers up with one another even if none of them really wrestle the Lucha Libre style?  Or given Chavo Guerrero’s curriculum vitae in the business was it really necessary for Hernandez to be the superstar to benefit from his rub?  Hell, why not have Sam Shaw face Hernandez and have Doug Williams come to Chavo’s rescue seeing as Doug is well versed in wrestling with a Guerrero.

I don’t know, perhaps that’s why I’m sitting behind my laptop prattling incessantly about the decision instead of being paid beau coup bucks to sit behind a laptop and email the decision to Bruce Prichard…hey waitaminute…

In any case, Velvet Sky no longer works for TNA and Chavo Guerrero took one majestically massive sidestep into TNA.  At least the Bound for Glory Series is looking robust.

9 thoughts on “My Two Cents: Velvet Sky and Chavo Guerrero, Jr.”

    1. Yeah, but that’s why I tried my best to keep it in the realm of discussing TNA’s issue with it. For example: it made sense for Sin Cara to face Primo and Chavo when he entered the WWE seeing as he didn’t go thru developmental and those two were the only ones active at the time familiar with Cara’s style. Same thing can be said for Del Rio and Mysterio.

      I do think you’re spot on in comparing TNA’s minorities with the WWE’s African American stars. I’d venture to say the WWE is worse…they put all the minorities against each other. #ArtImitatesLifeSwag


  1. Why did Hernandez help out Chavo? It’s real simple, because of the amount of respect he has for the Guerrero family. Hector was the mouthpiece for awhile, so you don’t think he’s never met Chavo? Really? Plus Kid Kash is the perfect heel to feed off them both, that’s why TNA brought him back, so he can give the rub to other babyfaces.


    1. Thanks for the read and reply, Kevin; I apologize for the 3-day delay in my response. I think we’re on the same page, but for the sake of clarification’s sake, let’s look at this from a “business” perspective and say that TNA Entertainment LLC, along with Spike TV (a subsidiary of Viacom Networks) is playing a game of chess and not checkers.

      Let’s speculate that Chavo Guerrero Jr. was specifically added to Impact Wrestling’s roster to help enhance the younger talent on the roster. From that perspective, there are hundreds of people who can eat crow for believing that TNA would “use him correctly” even though he’s doing the same thing he was doing in the ‘E…albeit he’s more appreciated of the work because the people he’s putting over are “hungrier” (I actually agree with his remarks about that, as there have been tons of reports of people working in the ‘E who are just going through the motions).

      From there, I personally would’ve placed him in the X-Division (given his style, size, etc.), but that’s just me. Instead the company has gone the route of using him to add severely lacking Tag Team Division. From there he’s given Hernandez as a tag partner b/c it “makes sense.” But why? Tons of people have respect for the Guerrero family and Doug Williams could’ve easily replaced Hernandez in that spot (although I’m not sure I would’ve had Hernandez face Sam Shaw…). So what you’ve got, effectively, is Hernandez and Guerrero recreating the 50th iteration of LAX/Mexican America against an equally potentially culturally insensitive team of tattooed stereotypical southerners, and the festivities should began because it’s seemingly different than what the competition is offering.

      The whole set up with Hernandez was predictable, and much like the average fan who would prefer things differently, I would’ve enjoyed seeing Chavo do something different in TNA, particularly something different than being saddled with a wrestler who’s character hasn’t been creatively managed properly since the beginning of the Hogan/Bischoff Era.


      1. Who is to say though that he will be placed in the Tag team division though? I mean his first signifigant match will be in Tag team form, sure, but perhaps he will be placed in the X-Division? It’s possible, and I will agree, he would do very well there. Some of his best work was when he was the Cruiserweight Champion, so he fits very well in X-Division. I guess we will see though.


      2. As of right now, brother, he’s in the tag team division. I’d like to point to Garrett Kidney’s post on TNAsylum where he, one of many diehard TNA fans on the site, celebrates the fact that there are two new tag teams in TNA:

        Only time will tell what happens with Chavo, and I’m waiting for his X-Division debut, but remember: you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Chavo has quite the job ahead of him to put over Hernandez (while Kash is putting over Gunner? I’m assuming that’t the rationale), but for me the question right now is “Could Chavo have been utilized better than that?”


      3. By the way, allow me to say I am pissed that velvet Sky is no longer a part of TNA. I sort of denied it at first, you know, if I don’t acknowledge it, it didn’t happen….but sadly the lovely Velvet Sky confirmed it on her Twitter. They surely screwed her push, did they not?


      4. Velvet, at least tessmacher has had the Title for longer than a month, something Velvet has not had. Even if she and Love go into WWE, it won;t be the same, since WWE won’t use “The Beautiful People”, and even with that, they already had that group, they were called “Lay-Cool”.


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