Lucid or Lunatic: Former Spirit Squad Member Speaks Out Against Cena


Normally, I would start of this post with a story, fable, lesson learned, funny tale of a young Ashley, etc. but seeing how I was freshly 21, living it up and on my own with the Spirit Squad debuted, I doubt any of the life lessons, stories from that era would be PG enough for our site :)

I was sitting at my desk, working and browsing the internet in search of entertainment, when I came across an interview with (click the link to read the interview) did with former Spirit Squad member and WWE wrestler, Kenn Doane AKA Kenny Dykstra.

In the interview, Doane blasts Cena, claiming he broke up his engagement to former WWE Diva Mickie James by sleeping with her.  Not only does Doane claim Cena was sleeping with James, but another married Diva, groupies and fans he called “Cena rats.”

He also goes on to claim Cena wanted Orton fired in 2006 and in light of Orton’s recent suspension, probably wants him fired now too.

The mudslinging doesn’t stop at the interview, on twitter, @KennDoane, was eluding to his “pipebomb” of an interview and the allegations. 

He claims to have lost his job, relationship, and life due to Cena and backstage politics, citing the Matt Hardy, Lita and Edge love triangle that initially landed Hardy fired.

This is not the first time we have seen an outlandish interview/tweet storm from a former WWE employee and probably won’t be the last.  I always wonder when reading these rants, how credible are these claims? Is this truly a wronged ex-employee trying to set the record straight or is it a last ditch effort at a career boost?

If Doane hadn’t been tweeting up a storm of controversy about his former relationship with Mickie James, would anyone have even wanted an interview, let alone read this one?

Feel free to weigh in, I am still scratching my head.

17 thoughts on “Lucid or Lunatic: Former Spirit Squad Member Speaks Out Against Cena”

  1. The reality is it could be a matter of both. There could be some truth behind it, but this is coming from a bitter man that nobody will believe him, anyway. Think of Jose Canseco, that’s it….Kenny Doane is the Jose Canseco of the wrestling world.


  2. Great write up. I was wondering if anyone here at Lewd was going to pick up that topic. For me personally, I think Kenny is just a bitter ex-WWE employee. And I don’t mean Scott Steiner type bitter either. It’s easier to believe what Scott Steiner is saying because a lot of what he says, we can clearly see each week when watching Impact Wrestling. Fact is, TNA fluctuates a lot more now than it did before Hogan and Bischoff were running the show (case in point: last night’s disaster of an ending after weeks of buildup) so it’s not hard at all to buy into Steiner’s rants.

    Kenny on the other hand, never was anything big. In fact, his rants put me in the mind of the twitter shoot Chavo did on Cena not too long ago. Once Chavo was released, he bashed Cena from A to Z calling him lazy among other things. It’s hard to believe a guy like Kenny, especially when M. James isn’t offering to comment on the subject matter nor Cena. The stuff Ken’s saying about Cena wanting Orton fired is sketchy at best too considering they are/were/still is maybe, friends in real life. I’d like to think Randy Orton would be man enough to address such a rumor on his twitter like he’s done other rumors in the past.

    I think Kenny was looking for a way to make himself relevant again. It’s got to be eating him up that former SS member Dolph Ziggler is poised for a WWE Championship run in the future so Kenny’s got to stay relevant. However, taking shots at John Cena was probably the wrong way to get noticed by WWE. I doubt MJ will offer to comment on the matter because she’s got a good thing in TNA right now. Why give him the time of day? As for Cena, doubtful he’ll address the issue being as his motto is “rise above hate”. Truth be told, why does Cena’s personal life have to effect his position in WWE? No matter what Cena is doing after the shows, it won’t change the fact that he is still the face of WWE so Ken may as well get over himself. End rant.


    1. The difference here is Kenny is taking his dirty laundry and putting it for the whole world to see because of a personal vendetta. Steiner however is using the dirty laundry because of a professional vendetta. Either way, they are both in the wrong. Don’t get me wrong, Steiner’s tweets were entertaining, until he brought family into the mess, specifically Bischoff’s wife. Those are off-limits, and I have no respect for that. So they are both former and bitter ex-employees that aren’t being paid by the respective companies anymore, period.


      1. I did too, and I am sure they did too. But I am guessing when things got a little too personal, then they took him to court, but it still will never stop Scotty…LOL


    2. Thanks for reading! I think you could have written this piece better, I agree with you 100%.

      The timing here is pretty good. He came across very bitter to me in the interview and kind of childish. I would hope he is smart enough to realize that blasting the WWE’s main guy is not the way to get back in that company or prove to Dixie Carter that the rumors about his attitude and character were false.

      I guess in a sense, since no one was knocking on his door career wise, he had nothing to lose.


  3. Late to the party, Ash; sorry :( But thanks for posting on the topic!

    At first I wanted to give the brother the benefit of doubt, but I don’t know. It just comes off as the tirade of a bitter ex-boyfriend/former employee. We can go back and forth all day on Cena the character, but one would be hard pressed to convince anyone that Cena isn’t a stand-up citizen. This isn’t saying that I believe he’s incapable of being “Bret Hart-like” in his romantic liaisons, but coming from Ken Doane…esp NOW when Cena is in the middle of a divorce instead of 3 years ago…seems very opportunistic.

    But hey, what do I know?


    1. Ash!

      I didn’t really go too in depth here because I honestly was still kinda baffled.

      I am not so naive or such a Cena fan that I refuse to believe the man has flaws but I agree with you that the timing is everything. I would also be curious to know how many followers Doane had on twitter BEFORE he started his tweet tirade and did the interview.

      He claims in the interview he isn’t doing this for publicity or for bookings but because he wanted to set the record straight about his rep for having a bad attitude. I doubt this will help put him in a better light and since Cena is in the midst of a divorce, and his wife has alleged infidelity… if this has any truth to it, I am sure it will come out. His wife hired a pretty good lawyer and I am sure this has gotten back to them.


  4. Who knew 6 years ago that the guy WWE tried to push as a big star on Spirit Squad is not wrestling now, and is trying to get some desparate publicity, while the other guy that was the workhorse of the group is still “Showing-off” in front of thousands in attendance, and millions watching around the world. Crazy business this Wrestling is, you never know what will happen.


      1. I believe there is. Let’s face it, he was too young to handle that kind of push, what was he 18 or 19? I can see how easy it is to have that attitude at that age too. But going by what he has tweeted, I doubt he has matured.


  5. Quite upset that Mr. Doane didn’t mention any of this when we interviewed him, what, a year and a half ago on HTR I think. What, did these thoughts suddenly pop up in his head after being repressed memories? He spoke nicely of Mickie back then but in this interview he seems to be more mad at Cena than Mickie. But I guess that’s more for the professional issues and not just the personal ones.


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