The Color Commentator, June 2012 Issue

The only thing more amazing than the May issue of The Color Commentator (brought to you by the fine folks at Hit The Ropes) is that fact that I managed to set this photo/link post up correctly.  Wooo me!

But, uh back the lecture at hand (yes that was me quoting lyrics, 3 points if you can guess the song) I thoroughly enjoyed reading this month’s issue.  From Denim Millward’s Benoit article, to their interivew with Maria Kanellis and Mike Bennett, to Dragon Ball-Z characters and their WWE counterparts, there was fun for the whole family.

Shout out to Denim Millward for his thoughts on Chris Benoit.  Writing about the Voldemort (Harry Potter reference) of WWE, let alone presenting an alternate view point is risky busniess.  I feel he presented his case well and did a hell of a job.

Every month it seems the Hit The Ropes crew is improving and putting out better magazine than the month before.  Already looking forward to the next issue.

Want to read this fantabulous, journalistic juggernaut of a magazine? Click the photo above, you’re welcome.

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