“As the Cena Turns” – Why I’m With Team Bring It

This was initially going to be a RAW review, but seeing as I’m about two days late for it to still be relevant, I’ve deleted everything prior to this paragraph and left the last little bit.  The last part of my would be review is simply a rant about this thing between Dwayne Johnson and John Cena.  I hope you enjoy my venting…


Cena did a lot of on the Feb. 20th episode of Monday Night RAW; but even with all his gum flapping he really didn’t say much.  What he did say, however, brought up the heated debate that has literally broken up families and caused massive tons of street violence all across the southeast: who’s right: Cena or Rock?

I could sit here and do a year long diatribe on why I don’t side with Cena in this whole story line, and perhaps I will one day when I can spare two days of my life.  But in the meantime, I want to say this: Cena sounds like a bitter ex-girlfriend.

That’s just my perception of the situation, though.  As I said in my previous piece, opinions are like elbows and everyone is entitled to have as many as they please; this is why the whole Cena/Rock situation is interesting.  Everybody got something to say…

Two different conversations with good friends led me to the root of the CeNation’s hatred for Dwayne Johnson.  As it turns out, some feel that Dwayne turned his back on wrestling fans and only returns to his roots to pander terrible movies.  To these fans, Dwayne doesn’t really care about his fans, the wrestling business, or the foundation that enabled him to succeed at making and shilling his crappy movies.

This is viewed as being super disrespectful to the folks that cheer his name and long to see him compete regularly in a WWE ring.  For someone like Cena, who apparently standsin persona fandom, this insult isn’t to be taken lightly.

The funny thing about this perception is that it’s strictly subjective; it’s an opinion based off of one’spersonal interpretationof a particular situation.

Seriously think about it: Dwayne turned his back on the fans…how do you know that for a fact?  One could easily talk for decades about how Dwayne left for seven years and didn’t wrestle and whatever, but what are our expectations?  Movies aren’t filmed overnight, and when someone is paying you millions of dollars to be a fairy, would YOU get in the ring for less than $2 million more than what Tri-Star is offering you?

What were fans’ expectations of Dwayne?  Should he have never left?  Should he have wrestled until he seriously injured himself (i.e. Edge)?  Should he have gone the Ric Flair route and just never left and tarnished his legacy by becoming a shell of what he once was?

Those are the questions fans don’t or can’t answer; all they “know” is that Dwayne left and doesn’t care for his fans.

Even more damning to these fans is the fact that when Dwayne returns to plug a movie, he “expects” fans to roll over for him and pretend as if he never left…I’ll come back to that notion in a minute.

When it’s all said and done, people just seem to be pissed off because Dwayne only panders for our attention for his own selfish gain.  Cena even said that same stuff in the ring during RAW.  Apparently you can’t even get to Dwayne without having to go through his assistant, his assistant’s assistant, and the security guard that protects him from crazy meat heads who want to knock out his pearly white teeth (*cough CENA cough*).

If that’s one’s assessment of the situation, that’s perfectly fine; I can deal with that.  But let me launch into the other side of that story…

Cena prides himself on being “there” for the fans, giving his all day in and day out for the fans.  Dude…that’s your f***ing job; what makes you any different from Santino Marella, Primo Colon, Kofi Kingston, Jack Doane, Tony Chimmel, and Ted the Camera Man?

It’d be totally different if Cena did all of that stuff and some more, but he doesn’t.  Take last night’s video that featured all the FCW stars; Cena didn’t go to that gym to encourage those stars or to help them hone their craft.  Cena went there to work out and they just happened to be there.  Why should I celebrate him for not ignoring people that said, “Hey Cena, how are you?”

Cena is a hard worker and does a lot for fans inside and outside of the ring.  It’s just unfortunate that Dwayne did all of those same things while Cena (and most of his fans) were either in high school or pre-school.  What more does a fan want?

And for the record, I never got the impression that Dwayne didn’t appreciate his fans.  Dwayne, whether wrestling or not, is an entertainer.  If he showed up one night or 8 weeks in a row, he’s doing so to entertain me as a fan and for as long as I’ve been a fan he’s never let me down.  Ya boy Cena on the other hand…bores the paint right off a freshly constructed barn.

For the better part of his career, Cena has spent every night phoning in his performances and being about as energizing as dead batteries in your girlfriend’s rubber boyfriend.  You can set your watch to the dreaded Five Moves of Doom and  call-in a finish to the match.

Cena has conquered all of his challengers, beaten most of the people on the roster, and is about two seconds away from challenging Ric Flair’s championship record.  He typically loses by some shady means, and has yet to be put in a position where he puts over a wrestler on the rise.

But I’m expected to side with him on because he does that every night just for me?  Excuse me, and I may just be in the 1%, but I didn’t ask for that.  I appreciate the gesture, but please go the hell away.  AND HE WON’T EVEN DO THAT!!!

Then he has the unmitigated gall to stand on his pulpit proclaiming that he’s better than the hate launched at him from the fans that he’s supposedly giving his all to entertain?  Does he think he’s Jesus???

Or maybe our dear friend is jealous because the guy who supposedly “hates this business” can skip back into the company for one night only and get a more favorable crowd reaction than the guy who’s there every night…that sounds like one bonafide hater to me.

Cena defeated Kane and survived without a scratch.  Cena took Zack Ryder’s love interest and exposed her as a “whore,” even though she was really more of a gold digger.  Cena never lost an “I Quit” match, Cena kept his job when Mr. McMahon fired him from losing to CM Punk, Cena defeated The Nexus, Cena sent Batista to hell, Cena Cena Cena.

“The Champ” gets shoved down our throats every single Monday night and will continue to until the end of time, and I’m supposed to be on his side when Dwayne takes 15 minutes of his precious air time to actually entertain me?

That’s why people sign up with hashtag Team Bring It; no matter how right Cena is, no matter how edgy he gets, no matter how many times he shows up to work and complains that Dwayne is unwilling to confront him on the job, he’s still just one big bore.

And that, dear friends, is what Cena brings every single time he gets in the ring.  He is the only professed sports entertainer that revels in the fact he lives, breathes, and sweats to bore the living hell out of everyone 24/7, 365 days a year.  Congratulations, John Cena; you’ve just made mediocrity more attractive.

In closing, please enjoy this little video that showcases only a few of the things that are far more entertaining than one of Cena’s bitch rants and his cute little outdated shoulder dusting.

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  1. As for the phoning in part. I won’t say he phones in matches. Is his matches the greatest things on Earth? No. But phoning it in? I wouldn’t exactly call it that. Predictable, sure.


    1. It pains me to watch a Cena match because the level of predictability is so off the meter, you could power the whole of Eurasia for seven years non-stop. When I say “pains,” I sincerely mean “pains.” I’m just waiting for him to point at his opponent, drop him with a big boot, and lay his quads across the poor soul’s trachea.

      Then again, maybe I have the wrong idea of what it means to “phone in” a match. Would you say Carlito did so towards the end of his WWE career (or the majority of it for that matter)?”


  2. ::Cracks knuckles:: Ash…

    “Seriously think about it: Dwayne turned his back on the fans…how do you know that for a fact?”

    Well I think the fact that in 2008 when he was out promoting Get Smart, he tried to distance himself from being The Rock.

    From http://www.justjared.com/2008/06/06/dwayne-johnson-entertainment-weekly:

    “Dwayne Johnson, formerly known as The Rock, is re-positioning himself as Hollywood’s go-to family comedy hitman, a reinvention that started by no longer calling himself The Rock.

    “I’m aware of everything that comes with that nickname, and I just think there’s a lot more you can do without it,” he says. ”But I wanted it to happen naturally, from ‘The Rock’ to Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson to ‘Dwayne Johnson,” he told EW.

    On June 20, Dwayne will be seen opposite Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway as Agent 23 in Get Smart.

    Right now Dwayne is in Las Vegas filming his next movie, Race to Witch Mountain, in which he’ll play a cabdriver being taken for a ride by two paranormal teens.”

    I guess that’s when my problem with “The Great One” started. Now, I am not saying he cannot go make movies, do his own thing, etc. However, when he thought that he could have a better movie career by disassociating himself from being a wrestler, he did. Now that he thinks he could have a better movie career if he associates himself back with WWE, here he is, funny one-liners and eyebrow raises.

    Sure, I marked out when he came back just like everyone else. You cannot deny that he is a great entertainer. However, he came back intermittently and it does seem to coincide with whichever movie of his is currently in the box office. Again, I would be okay with that IF he wasn’t constantly saying “I’m back, I’m home” etc.

    “Cena prides himself on being “there” for the fans, giving his all day in and day out for the fans. Dude…that’s your f***ing job; what makes you any different from Santino Marella, Primo Colon, Kofi Kingston, Jack Doane, Tony Chimmel, and Ted the Camera Man?”

    Sure it is his job and if Kofi Kingston, Jack Doane, Tony Chimmel, and Ted the Camera Man stood in the middle of the ring going on about how they do their job and should be appreciated for it, I’d say they had that right too. However, this storyline doesn’t involve them, so while I see you’re point, let’s get back to Cena.

    Cena does more than “his job.” When is the last time you heard about Cena having a DUI, drunken night, beating on his wife, snorting something, trafficking anything, etc? He takes his “job” as an entertainer and role model seriously. He does a lot of charity work. He gives back to fans. He manages to stay out of trouble. A lot of guys on the roster do too, I am not saying he should be the only one commended for it, but he appreciates his fans. Sure, The Rock does too…now.

    “Cena is a hard worker and does a lot for fans inside and outside of the ring. It’s just unfortunate that Dwayne did all of those same things while Cena (and most of his fans) were either in high school or pre-school. What more does a fan want?”

    How about more than a lukewarm twitter war or words and a few appearances on RAW? Don’t patronize us with the whole “I never left, I love this, blah blah blah” He is still churning out movie after movie and is “back” in the WWE. So if he loved the business and the fans as much as he says he does, why the long break? Why not try to do both the whole time? Sure, everyone needs time off but he took a year off for every year he was “in the business.”
    “What were fans’ expectations of Dwayne? Should he have never left? Should he have wrestled until he seriously injured himself (i.e. Edge)? Should he have gone the Ric Flair route and just never left and tarnished his legacy by becoming a shell of what he once was?”
    Some would argue Flair still wrestles because he pissed away all his money and some would say it is a love for the business. That debate goes on. Also, Flair is like 100 years old. The Rock seemingly still has plenty of gas left in his tank. I think the Edge comparison is irrelevant. You are asking if fans think he should have stayed so he would end up injured like Edge…but he came back. He didn’t leave to avoid injury. He left to make movies and came back. So one would think if he left to avoid injuring himself, putting himself back in the ring after a long hiatus isn’t the smartest move.
    “And for the record, I never got the impression that Dwayne didn’t appreciate his fans. Dwayne, whether wrestling or not, is an entertainer. If he showed up one night or 8 weeks in a row, he’s doing so to entertain me as a fan and for as long as I’ve been a fan he’s never let me down. Ya boy Cena on the other hand…bores the paint right off a freshly constructed barn.”
    Some people feel that way but not everyone. I don’t always agree with the way Cena is booked. I don’t think he should constantly win but I wouldn’t call the guy boring. Technically, he is not as good as half the roster but WWE isn’t wrestling. It is sports entertainment. It is about who looks like they can fight, who has personality and mic skills, and who can sell merchandise. Cena is pretty decent on the mic, but that is just my opinion. I like they guy. The casual fan likes the guy. Sure The Rock can bring it on the mic and was electrifying in the Attitude Era but we don’t know what Cena would have been like back then. We have seen “the champ” in mostly a PG setting. He is limited in what he says and does. I think he does a lot with the whole PG thing. I am entertained.
    “Then he has the unmitigated gall to stand on his pulpit proclaiming that he’s better than the hate launched at him from the fans that he’s supposedly giving his all to entertain? Does he think he’s Jesus???”
    Come on Ash…
    “Or maybe our dear friend is jealous because the guy who supposedly “hates this business” can skip back into the company for one night only and get a more favorable crowd reaction than the guy who’s there every night…that sounds like one bonafide hater to me.”
    I don’t think that makes him a hater. I think that makes him human. I have been working 60 hour weeks for the last three weeks. I do above and beyond what is asked of me by my boss and co-workers… if an ex-employee came in tomorrow, put in two days of work and started beef with me, got half my co-workers to chant “Ashley sucks” while I was typing away…. I would think I was above that hate too and be pissed off. Would that make me a “hater?”
    “And that, dear friends, is what Cena brings every single time he gets in the ring. He is the only professed sports entertainer that revels in the fact he lives, breathes, and sweats to bore the living hell out of everyone 24/7, 365 days a year. Congratulations, John Cena; you’ve just made mediocrity more attractive.”
    That’s TNA and you know it.
    Here’s my thing Ash, am I supposed to jump up and down for The Rock because he has decided to come back to WWE? Because he is funny on the mic? Because he gave us one match at Summerslam?
    The Rock was good in his day but so what? A lot of guys were. Fans are not supposed to stand by Cena for doing his job but we are supposed to drool over The Rock because he decided to come back and do his old job? Is the Rock not just “doing his job” like Cena? Or are we supposed to be super grateful that he took time away from wearing a tu-tu to come troll us fans? It works both ways Ash.
    Is John Cena the best sports entertainer in the world? No. Are some of his matches and storylines boring? Sure. However, I am not going to boo the guy just because The Rock woke up one morning with his eyebrow raised and got an itch to wiggle his tongue, say he eats pie, and have a mic in his hand again.
    The Rock left fans high and dry. Wrestling wasn’t even his first choice in careers. He couldn’t play football so he fell back on wrestling because he had an “in.” He wrestled and as soon as the lights of Hollywood starting shining his way, he took off. He didn’t stick around as a commentator, on air personality, etc. He didn’t do much by way of making sure he kept his foot in the door and gave us fans nothing except one or two appearances that coincided with a movie release. How is this time any different? Because he wore a Team Bring It shirt? Asked if we could smell what he was cooking? Oh… I know, it was that super match he gave us at Summerslam…
    If John Cena shouldn’t be praised for doing his job, sticking around, and being good to his fans…The Rock shouldn’t be praised for throwing fans a bone and coming back for a few appearances and a match at WM.


    1. ::cracks knuckles:: Cute.

      Did you catch this part of the piece?

      “As it turns out, some feel that Dwayne turned his back on wrestling fans and only returns to his roots to pander terrible movies. To these fans, Dwayne doesn’t really care about his fans, the wrestling business, or the foundation that enabled him to succeed at making and shilling his crappy movies.”

      You kinda restated a point already made in the piece, but supported it well by adding the 2008 quote from Get Smart, where he made the transition from “The Rock” to “Dwayne Johnson.” It’s also pretty cool that you didn’t mention the movies he made prior to that under the moniker “The Rock,” but that’s okay.

      But lets look at that for a second…would you buy a car from “The Repo Man,” or Barry Darsow? Honestly look at the situation and respond to this question: how far could The Rock’s career have gone if he kept The Rock in all his movie titles? That’d be super interesting to see, “The Vow,” starring Channing Tatum, Rachel McAdams, and The Rock.

      And everything you added is still your opinion, based on your own very subjective assessment of the situation; just as subjective as mine. You, along with legions of others, don’t kowtow to the “funny one-liners and eyebrow raisings” because you’ve been put off by his actions, actions that you all took as personal offenses. And you’re right to have those feelings, b/c they are justifiable. The man has promised that he’d never leave, and he disappeared. The man only shows up to pimp whatever he’s got going on. You’re dead on.

      Now here’s MY opinion: my expectations of Rock didn’t overshadow what he was actually returning to me as a fan. MY perception of the situation is that some fans are pissed off because they expect more of Dwayne than what they’re getting, and each time he shows up it’s a slap in the face…i.e. “bitter ex-girlfriend.” It’s like getting mad at inconsistent people for being inconsistent…why the heck do you keep putting that trust in them??? The only thing they’re good at is being inconsistent, so they should be handled as such! Period. According to all you’ve posted here, Dwayne is only good for making empty promises, so please tell me again why anyone put their money on him “never leaving” when he said it…?

      When he shows up, I expect him to do one liners, raise the eyebrow, do the spiel and be on his merry little way. Nothing more, nothing less. And I’m never, EVER disappointed. But that’s just me; I don’t speak for the universe, I don’t speak for you; hence the subtitle of the piece, “Why I’m On Team Bring It.”

      And yes, that’s Cena’s job. Yes the story line is about Cena, but what is that saying for all those people who put in the SAME amount of work he does? Maybe I read to much into what you’re saying, but it comes off as if Cena is the only star worthy enough to praise for doing what he’s doing. There are tons of athletes that fit that bill (no DUIs, no wife-beating, no drugs, working all the shows and kissing babies), and it was not by coincidence that I mentioned Kofi Kingston. But for story line sake, I’m expected to just forget about those people…esp. after Cena stood in the ring and professed himself as being the voice of all those folks, b/c clearly they can’t command any attention or respect on their own…? Okay…

      To sit and mealy mouth on Flair’s intentions would be pointless, but the man is still in the ring. Isn’t that the exact same thing people are asking of Dwayne? I brought up Edge b/c you know good and well that fans were really questioning whether or not he was as seriously injured as he was, and that talk took at least a month to die down, esp. when he made his few cameo appearances after announcing his retirement. And one of the things that makes Cena so “god-like” is the fact that he’s wrestling with nagging neck and hip injuries (http://www.wrestlezone.com/news/238139-report-john-cena-working-through-multiple-injuries)…wait…aren’t we supposed to be cheering Cena for being there every night…despite him wrestling with serious health issues…? Hmm….

      And you and I have had this battle before, where my personal opinion is that the man is boring. No amount of explaining how “he’s doing the best with what he’s got” will change that opinion from me. When he was about to bash Kane’s skull in with the steel steps, THAT was entertaining. When he stole Zack Ryder’s woman, THAT was entertaining. When he chuckled and cracked jokes and did the Funky Watusi all over Kane at the PPV and returned to “business as usual Cena,” everything he had to work with was neutered effectively…and now he’s the same Life Coach he’s been for at least the past 5-6 years of his career. That, to Mr. Ashley Morris, isn’t entertaining.

      And from my perspective that’s what he’s supposed to be: entertaining. Dwayne can come in and pander his movies (which never get me running to the theaters) but the least I can say is that he’s entertaining. Cena, there every night doing what he loves to do, is not. TNA stars do the same stuff, and we all politely shit on the product because, truthfully speaking, “they’re working with what they have.”

      I applaud you for hanging it in there for 60 work weeks plus your personal responsibilities, but 60+ work weeks for me is life; I go well above and beyond and get pushed to do more than that; I put my all into it every single day and it’s typical for it to appear that what I do isn’t appreciated by numerous entities. I don’t get thanked for it often, and there are constant reminders to me daily that “I suck.” You would think that someone in my position, doing what I do, would identify with Cena, especially since I’m dealing with a work situation that’s somewhat similar to this storyline…

      Well I don’t; I watch professional wrestling to get away from that, to be entertained on certain days after being at work ALL day literally. Dwayne and his eyebrows once every six months entertains me…Cena and his stellar work ethic 365 doesn’t; if I wanted to be reminded of my work life, I’d just work. For me, it’s a buzzkill to turn to my fav form of entertainment only to be reminded of my job.

      Would it make you a hater to vent like Cena has been venting? Yep. Because you’re not hating your co-workers for following blindly behind some shill, you’re hating the shill. How does the saying go…”don’t hate the player, hate the game.” But then again, it’d be hard for Cena to stay a Super Babyface by pointing an accusatory finger at the crowd for buying into Dwayne’s pandering. It’s like blaming McDonald’s for the nation being overweight…McDonald’s wouldn’t exist if people made a decision to eat healthier. Ergo, Dwayne wouldn’t pander to his wrestling fans if he knew they stopped buying into his one-trick pony show. But we do, so he continues. Sure it makes Dwayne look like the shady character in the trench coat, but how come there are very few people laying into the “marks” that bought the shirts and trended #CenasLadyParts?

      And yes, I used the comparison to Jesus b/c that what it appears like. Our Lord and savior died on the cross for everybody, even the people that didn’t believe He was the Lord and savior. I could’ve sworn Cena has used that same rhetoric in his many spiels once before…how he’s out there every night for all the fans, even the ones that boo him.

      So once this story line ends, let’s see Cena lay into Brock Lesnar, who conveniently retired after lending his likeness to the WWE ’12 video game, which became the best selling game the company has put out in years…let’s see Cena lay into Bobby Lashley, who took Dixie Carter’s money and pandered to fans just to jump start an even more mediocre MMA career. Let’s see Cena lay into Hogan, who leaves and returns habitually to get a fat paycheck from the increased ratings that come along with his brand name. Let’s see Cena get Harry Smith hired back and lose clean to him in the middle of the ring at WM 29. Let’s see how Cena puts over Zack Ryder after all this; let’s get the dirtsheet reports on how Cena is high on Seth Rollins, Kassius Ohno, Antonio Cesaro, Xavier Woods, Big E Langston, Leakee…because he’s the guy that’s fighting for ALL those folks who wanted to become a WWE professional wrestler and STAY a WWE professional wrestler.

      But it’s not going to happen, b/c “no one cares about them” (you words from our text convo about Lashley and Lesnar), they’re not a part of the story line, and Cena puts in work for the fans and what he loves to do…in that sense, I see where you’re right and how it goes both ways. Dwayne shills his stuff for his own business reasons, and Cena shills his own stuff because he loves the business. Both of them are in business for themselves for their own reasons…

      But I’ll say this, for me and my house we’ll cheer Dwayne or The Rock for making us laugh, something that Cena just ain’t doing for us right now.


      1. I didn’t add that part in about him distancing himself from being The Rock to reiterate your point, which I did catch. I added it because you stated “As it turns out, some feel that Dwayne turned his back on wrestling fans and only returns to his roots to pander terrible movies.”

        It isn’t a matter of feeling that way. He stated he wanted to be known as Dwayne Johnson. So I don’t “feel” he turned his back, he did. He didn’t say “call me Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.” Would “The Rock” listed on a movie poster for The Vow look silly? Yes. Would Dwayne Johnson billed on the same poster look silly? Yes. He wears tu-tu’s and pops his pecks Ash…he doesn’t try and make his wife who lost her memory in a terrible accident fall back in love with him… let’s be real here…

        I will also add that if times were tough, money was tight, and I needed a car… I would buy one from the repo-man. Hell, my last car I bought off a shady lot from a finance company that only accepts cash, in person, and had a cash register with a big red button on it that said “Repo.” I needed a car.
        It’s not that I don’t find the guy entertaining. I do. Also, I can see why people are bored with Cena.

        I also think Kofi Kingston deserves to be commended for sticking around despite not moving up like he should. I stated, and perhaps you missed it, that all of those men should be able to shoot a promo and be praised for their efforts as well.

        I haven’t put any trust in The Rock. If he bounces after ‘Mania, good on him. I won’t bust out the Ben and Jerry’s and put in The Mighty Ducks to cheer me up…
        What I am saying is that if Cena is wrong for yammering to fans about why he is better, deserves more praise, etc… The Rock is just a wrong. He is essentially doing the same thing.

        You asked if The Rock should have stuck around to get seriously injured like Edge. I said that was irrelevant because he didn’t stick around, he didn’t get injured… in fact, he is more likely to get injured this time around as he has been out of the ring a while…

        By your own admission, Cena has done some entertaining things, most of which you mentioned were in the last month or so. True, he seems to be headed back to his boy scout ways, but if you found those moments entertaining then your argument of him being boring for six years seems to lose some steam…

        The Rock has come back a handful of times, entertained you and the crowd. Cena has
        been entertaining, according to you, a handful of times in the past few months…

        So The Rock gets a pass because he was out of the game?

        I will skip over the part about work weeks… we both work hard, I will leave it at that.
        People and Cena are not after Lesnar and Lashley because most of us don’t want ‘em
        back…At least I don’t.

        Honestly, in my house, my nephew will cheer Cena, my dad will just shake his head, and I will be glad to see this thing end already…
        P.S. I got nothing but love for ya playa…


      2. Here’s another thought I just had: you say that you haven’t put any trust into Dwayne, and I respect that. Why are fans getting mad, then? Here’s my reasoning:

        You (in the general sense of the word, not specifically “you”) only get mad when you feel you’ve been slighted by something or an incident. You only feel slighted because your expectations of the other person or the incident were expectations that are favorable/pleasing to you, and those expectations were never realized. If all you expect Dwayne to do is show up, raise an eyebrow and leave, then why be mad when it happens now? SCSA even had a shirt that said “Arrive, Raise Hell, Leave.” I guess we weren’t supposed to take that seriously.

        Seven years Dwayne has been appearing intermittently, as have countless other superstars. Mick Foley even did it to pander his books and efforts. But each time Dwayne came back, were some fans expecting him to actually stick around? If not, why is what he’s done not put into perspective? Why is it an insult that a former wrestler comes back…finally (no pun intended)…to wrestle?

        It’s because he turned his back on fans, and his name change signaled that. I get that.

        So the pretty boy movie star wants to rumble in the ring, why not go that direction with the story? Dwayne is all soft and Hollywood-ish, why not that? No, we get “he sold out, he doesn’t care about us.” That notion came from Cena himself, particularly when he did that interview and had Dwayne’s name all in his mouth. If that’s the direction of the storyline then so be it, but it’s still all interesting to me nevertheless…

        Because instead of attacking the man’s abilities, we’ve attacked the man’s integrity. The same goes for what folks like me have launched at John Cena. But as I mentioned in the other reply, Cena gets to stick around afterwards to reap the benefits of the life he lives. Dwayne, on the other hand, walks away from the situation having done what he was paid to do (his job…sound familiar) and returns to reap the benefits of the life he lives.

        In that sense, Dwayne becomes Batman to Gotham City’s dead Harvey Dent. Die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a villain. My God there’s more to this story line than meets the eye.


  3. @Asherology –

    Your perception of what he did is that “he turned his back.” This point flows right into the next point you make. “The Repo Man Auto Sales,” as profitable as they could and would be, would and could not be taken as seriously as one’s attempt to buy a car from Barry Darsow. The man transitioned from The Rock to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to Dwayne Johnson to appeal more to a much larger demographic than wrestling fans. As big as the universe seems to us, it’s only a microcosm of the much larger society. So our biggest argument against the man is that he’s a “sell-out,” because he thought that his birth name would appeal more to folks outside of pro wrestling than his wrestling persona? Guess Vince didn’t think Dwayne Johnson would make for good sports entertainment. And that’s the same argument fans used against wrestlers like Punk/Bryan/Seth Rollins, who got the same cat calls for leaving “professional wrestling” for “sports entertainment.” But much like any other aspect of life, we can all pick and choose our own battles, right? I’m sorry, I moved away from the topic at hand…

    YOU say he turned his back on the fans, and that’s just your interpretation of what he did. Since it appears I’m giving people byes, here’s another one: at the LEAST, at the LEAST he returns to a wrestling ring even if it is for his own selfish reasons. People went BONKERS when Taker confronted Lesnar and when he “retired,” and Lesnar aint’t did nothing for pro wrestling after MMA. It seems weird that after those two incidents we’re saying here that no one cares about him; Bleacher Report shut down for a day because of all those Lesnar articles…

    And since we’re on the subject of tu-tu’s and peck pops, it’s ironic that Dwayne is being punished for pandering to kids in his movies while Cena gets praised for his pandering for kids. There seems to be a lot of that happening in this feud, how things good for one goose is terrible for the gander. To quote a great person, “It goes both ways Ash.”

    And yet another point: Kofi won’t get the time to shoot a promo about it because they’re not…you guessed it…John Cena. He’s nowhere in the story line, he’s nowhere in a decent one, and therefore the fans could care little about his hard work.

    Cena presents himself in the situation as the end all be all to what it means to give up one’s life for the business. And that’s good; great for him. In the middle of it all, the ONLY thing Cena focused on was Dwayne’s movies and revolving door antics. Cena grazes over the fact that everything he’s doing now, The Rock did when he was in high school wishing he was Marty Janetty. And I don’t want to get into what who was doing what before wrestling, b/c Cena was a body builder…

    All that hard work, all the make a wishes, Rock did that. Even with his movies and whatnots, does Dwayne show up at charity events? Does Dwayne grant wishes (something Cena does that the WWE politley promotes, but I’m guessing without his permission…stupid WWE!)? Didn’t Dwayne also show up at Nick’s Kid Choice Awards (Cena did)? I don’t know and apparently neither does Cena, b/c all we know is that Dwayne wears tu-tu’s and pops his pecs. Cena played Fred’s dad on Nickelodeon…twice…

    And why does Cena keep making movies, anyway? If he loves wrestling so much, why not just stick with wrestling period? That’s the basis of his argument against Dwayne, that the first taste of Hollywood sent him running for the hills. It’s funny because Cena habitually basks in the same limelight, but I’m expected to appreciate him more b/c he’s stayed true to his passion? For someone that has that much of a grudge against the ills of Sodom and Gomorrah, he sure likes to slum it there often.

    The Edge argument is not irrelevant at all. In that same breath I talked about Cena’s health issues and here we are feeding him the energy to continue his HLR-ing and it’s been reported he ain’t all that healthy. If he’s putting his health on the line for US, then we’re the sick ones for buying into it when the man may just need to sit down for a while. Edge had that same gusto, and he was forced to step down b/c his body couldn’t handle it. My point being is that is it possible, quite possible, that Dwayne weighed all of his options and chose another career path before it got to a point where he’d be unable to wrestle? Of course that’s not a possibility, b/c we’re sure he just wanted to do movies for the sake of doing them.

    My argument doesn’t lose steam. In six years I’ve only listed stuff that happened in the last month, how does that make it lose steam? If anything it meant for six months the man was boring and just now got a fire up under him, ironically enough, around the time he’s preparing to face Dwayne.

    Yes Dwayne gets a pass b/c he hasn’t been doing the same old boy scout things week in, week out on my television screen. There’s another cliched statement: “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” Cena hasn’t changed in six years; we see the Rock once and awhile. Think of it like this: are you likely to go berserk over a cousin that you see everyday as opposed to the cousin you see once a year? If you do, I think you’re even more of an awesome person than you already are, b/c the average person won’t appreciate the folks they see every day as opposed to the flash in the pan folks.

    And that goes back to my point about “hating,” b/c from what I’m given as a fan, the simple fact that he’s around every single day doing the same old same old means that I should appreciate that. Cena can give us his all, which to me translates to an ordinary day at work, and I am expected to pat him on the fanny and say “Good Jaerb there, Cener?” I won’t. He can’t please everybody, and I’m not expecting Cena to do so, but just as it is a slap in the face to you or other fans of Cena for me to cheer Dwayne when he “obviously” doesn’t care about me or us as fans, it’s another slap in the face for me to jump on the Cena bandwagon when I, at this point, only find the one or two things he pulls out in 16 hours of programming a month entertaining.

    Because to me, the Chain Gang is no different from the HLR Squad and it’s no different than the CeNation. Dwayne Johnson went from Rocky Maivia to militant The Rock to The Rock to Corporate Rock back to The Rock to Hollywood Rock to Movie Star The Rock to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to Dwayne Johnson. Cena said himself he’s staying the same regardless of what’s going on…well good for him. In real life, we’d say folks like that were developmentally handicapped, but the Cena character doesn’t operate in real life terms, so that actually may be a moot point…heavy emphasis on the phrase “may be.” I will say in his Cena’s defense that he’s as versatile as beige panties.

    I think it’s also ironically appropriate that you don’t want to get into the argument of who works the hardest or the longest, seeing as we’re really discussing the validation of Cena’s work ethic and passion for what he does.

    But to reiterate your point, what works in your house works in your house. What works in mine works in mine. But I will say at the end of this all, at the END of it when we REALLY think about what’s happening here, Dwayne Johnson, in all of his dislike for the fans, will walk into WM 29 and put over Cena CLEAN in the middle of that ring, enabling Cena to continue what he’s already been doing.

    And that is pretty funny once you think about it, b/c this whole time while we’re arguing how Dwayne doesn’t care for the fans, he’s still going to put over a fan favorite at the biggest pay per view in pro wrestling today…and the fans will get exactly what they want. So Cena was right, Dwayne will be back on the set of his movie drinking Mai Tai’s and laughing at his stunt double because he did his job and what he was paid to do…put Cena over.

    Meanwhile Cena get’s to yuck it up on MNR, refer to women as whore’s (who exactly did Eve sleep with in that short span of time?), and outshine everyone – including the WWE Champion – and remain unopposed at the top of the pecking for another 40 years, adding to his already long list of accomplishments the fact that Dwayne Johnson put him over…something that half the damn roster has done countless times before and he’s yet to be put in a position where he’s required to do so.

    If Dwayne Johnson is self-serving, then so is John Cena. I think I can agree with you on that one.

    In all due respect.


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