Hell In A Cell 2014 Review: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Let me begin at the ending: going all the way back to the Raw after Payback, which is the June WWE PPV… you built a feud between Seth Rollins, who betrayed The Shield on that night (which I’ve been on record as not making logical sense for Rollins to BEAT HHH and friends two PPVs in a row and then… join them?) and Dean Ambrose, who seemed to take it the most personally (Roman Reigns doesn’t seem very mad about it, which I’ve gone on record as saying… is very Cena of him, which is apropos because he will be forced upon us much LIKE Cena.) and now… on this night in late October… they made it look like Ambrose was FINALLY getting his ‘retribution’ and all of a sudden, Bray Wyatt comes back to help Seth Rollins win ANOTHER match. I said before I liked Ambrose to lose on this night, Continue reading


WWE Hell in a Cell 2014 Preview and Predictions

“If there’s no blood, then the whole thing is pointless!”

I use to think like that about this particular PPV, and in a way I still do.  Unfortunately for me and those who share this similar thought, at some point we have to come to terms with the absence of intentional bloodletting within the WWE.  It sucks, it blows, and the matches don’t have that same feeling if someone’s not gushing their precious life-sustaining fluid all over the place. Continue reading

The Armchair Quarterbacks: A Midcard Commentary

What follows is an unstructured loosely organized rant between Armchair Quarterbacks Mr. Ashley Morris and Mr. Quinn Gammon about the importance of mid carders and the IC And US Titles.  WARNING: THIS POST IS A TAD BIT LENGTHY; IF’IN YOU AIN’T USE TA READIN’ LONG POSTS…YOU WILL BE AFTER READIN’ A’THIS ONE.

AM: If Dolph Ziggler defeated Cesaro on Friday and retained his IC Title…Why should I be excited about seeing it tomorrow?

QG: 2 out of 3 falls?

AM: Ah, let’s staple a gimmick to it and all is well. Continue reading

It's Still Real to Me, Dammit!

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