“A Day In The Life Of A Jobber” | S1, Ep. 1

There was a pain in his back.

Despite the incredible rush of motion and busyness surrounding him, the only thing journeyman wrestler Mitch Shipman could think about was the pain in his back. It wasn’t a severe pain. In fact, it was the kind of pain he felt whenever… Continue reading


IMPACT Wrestling Review 10.22.14, a.k.a. “Why Am I Watching This?”

For those of you who frequent our site, it should be no surprise that I’ve chosen to give this review the title you see above.  The sad reality is that if this were Monday night I would’ve probably given the same title to whatever it was that came on the USA Network between the hours of 8 – 11 PM, Eastern Standard Time.  But alas, it’s Thursday … I’m reviewing IMPACT Wrestling … so let’s stay on topic.

Truth be told I didn’t watch all of IMPACT Wrestling last night, and the little I did catch left me wondering, “Why the hell am I watching this?”  Continue reading

The Wolves, Team 3D and The Hardyz entered into a “Best of Three” series, where the first team to score two victories would be crowned the TNA World Heavyweight Champions.  Once a team won a match, they were allowed to choose a stipulation for the next match in the series.  Each team not only won one match apiece, but also lost their “signature” matches (The Hardyz lost a ladder match to The Wolves, who lost the pure wrestling match to Team 3D, who lost a tables match to The Hardyz).  Therefore, logic dictates that The Wolves should’ve retained the titles seeing as no one team was able to decisively gain two victories in the series.

However, the series was continued with a fourth match, where it was implied that the original series was set with four matches and not three.  This reality was conveniently covered up with the story that the Wolves sought to stake their claim as a legit legendary and dominant team against the other two teams of vets, which in any other situation would paint the Wolves as disrespectful young punks who don’t know their places when in the presence of greatnes (i.e. HEELS).  But with Bully Ray interjecting his thoughts in only a way Bully Ray can, fans were coerced to be slightly more sympathetic to The Wolves who were simply trying to “hold their own” among two great tag teams in wrestling history.  A Full Metal Mayhem match (i.e. TLC) was announced, and all of the aforementioned was largely forgotten because the anticipation of a FMM match with these three teams took high priority over all things.

The Wolves retained, and now need competition.

10/20/2014 Raw Thoughts: Overexposure

Before I go into complaining about how I don’t like certain aspects of WWE’s creative decisions, let me first get into the things that I do, in fact, like. First and foremost… they waited until the go home Raw to give us a moment where you think any number of scenarios can play out at Hell in a Cell. When Seth Rollins curbstomped Randy Orton, the first thing I thought was “they’re sowing seeds for Orton to turn face… Continue reading

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