What We Know About: Slammiversary XIII

themoreyouknownJust when you thought it was safe to peruse the internet for the latest up-to-date information on all things related to pro wrestling and sports entertainment, L.E.W.D. is back to be the ol’ kick in your pants! And you’re in luck because we’re coming at you with a few things we all learned after watching tonight’s PPV offering from TNA Entertainment, LLC. Keep reading to see what we know (and can validate) after watching Slammiversary XIII! Continue reading What We Know About: Slammiversary XIII

Pre-Slammiversary Revelation (June 28, 2015)

Kind of had a marketing/branding revelation earlier. Follow me…

It truly doesn’t matter what TNA does, they won’t be able to legitimately excite us or right this wrong. There’s literally no one or nothing in TNA that we care about enough for them to do anything right, wrong, or indifferent to them to move the needle of our interest positively (build the ratings).

It would take something the level of Hulk Hogan coming out and turning heel and forming the nWo, thus causing a seismic shift in the fundamental core of understanding of pro-wrestling lure for us to feel like, “I know it’s TNA, but MAN I gotta watch this unfold…”

The problem is – we don’t care. There’s no one we care about in TNA, no one we have been able to invest in (TNA or otherwise established), in order for any of their actions or others actions against them, to cause us to have our jaws drop and feel like we HAVE to tune in to follow the angle as it unfolds.

See, TNA doesn’t have a storytelling problem (yes, they do.) What TNA has is a branding issue. TNA hasn’t gone to the core of the company and found a reason for us to care… at a fundamental level… on an emotional level. TNA hasn’t established a “pathos” connection – where we are emotionally appealed to and hooked, therefore establishing our loyalty regardless of poor decisions (i.e.: we’ll watch Raw every Monday regardless of how s****y a PPV on Sunday night might be).

TNA doesn’t have anyone able to create that connection, nor the ability to nurture it, nor the time to turn the ship around…THUS, TNA done y’all.

– THE Nic Johnson

Please Stand By …


Greetings L.E.W.D. fellows and gentlewomen!

If you’ve tried to visit this site in the past two weeks, you may have noticed some “technical difficulties” in accessing the rants and ravings of the web’s most notorious crew of pro wrestling miscreants. If tried to visit the site prior to that, you may have also noticed a dearth of new posts from our featured writers and particularly an absence of the contributions from our most prolific and consistent analyst, THE Brother Corbin Macklin.

The reality of it is that we here in the L.E.W.D.  have experienced some shifts and changes that are, in all honesty, very similar to some of the things plaguing some pro wrestling organizations today. Continue reading Please Stand By …

For the Record … (June 28, 2015)

Two different men (Bram and James Storm) threatened Magnus’ fiancee, Mickie James. Both times, Magnus’ response has been far less than what you’d expect from a man attempting to protect the mother of his child and his future wife. Even funnier is when he attempted to do so (when Storm was on the “attack”), the fans booed him …

This makes tonight’s unsanctioned (yet strongly advertised, promoted and allowed to happen) match at #Slammiversary interesting to me. Who will win the epic, sure-to-be violent boondoggle between the creepy country corn fed maniac that kidnaps/brainwashes people … or the wuss?

Things Aren’t Always What They S’E’em!


Photo © 2015 WWE, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Photo © 2015 WWE, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Anyone that has known me over the last decade that has asked what is my issue with the McMahon’$ and the ‘E,’ my reply will be something along the lines of, “they are all about making moments instead of just letting them happen!” Continue reading Things Aren’t Always What They S’E’em!

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